DMGM Fluid Sheer Illuminating Base Review

Not sure where it came from, but the ‘glowy skin’ trend has spread like wild fire this shaadi season! From brides to aunties – everyone wants to look like they’ve spent their entire life exercising, eating healthy and maintaining a perfect lifestyle that would result in a lit-from-within-glow – sadly, that is not the case! So of-course we turn to makeup products to help us get that glow – Does the DMGM Fluid Sheer Makeup Base* help us achieve that?



First things first, I know it is not mentioned on the packaging anywhere, but this truly is an illuminator – not a makeup base as suggested and it is one of the best liquid illuminators I have ever tried. I remember trying some from Illamasqua a few years back and they turned out to be such a disappointment that I decided to stick with powder highlighters then onwards. This particular illuminator gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow that looks as natural as is possible when you’re using makeup. The shimmer isn’t over whelming at all, blends beautifully (but remember to blend it as you go opposed to applying it to both sides and then blending). Personally, I use my fingers most of the time since I like using my fingers (for most of my makeup application haha) but I’ve tried this with the Sigma stippling brush and that works beautifully as well on my cheek bones .
Other points in this product’s favor would be that this stays on for a good 4-5 hours and if you decided to top it with a powder highlighter, trust me your glow will last all night long! Since you need such a little amount, this will last you ages, trust me. As a blogger, there are very few products that I recommend with surety that will work on everyone, this is one of them! There’s not a person who has tried the DMGM Illuminator that hasn’t fallen in love with it. A MUST BUY in my opinion 🙂
Availability – All departmental stores and online HERE!
Price – PKR 1,695

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