Beauty Products To Include In Your Makeup Kit 2015

The best part of the beauty industry is that there’s always something new, exciting and experimental coming out. Hey. beauty is a science too, okay ? The fine technique of mixing colors, textures, highlighting and contouring are all perfected only through practise, and of course through learning a little more each day.

That said, the cosmetics industry in 2015 is just looking bigger than ever. There are just SO many brands and so little time. You see makeup artists and youtubers suddenly include new and exhaustive collections of products and you’re lost wondering which exactly you need, because there is just so much to choose from.
Our trend forecast for 2015 favors colored liners, liquid mattes and a HUGE focus on the brows!

Liquid Mattes –


We desis have a thing for mattes. Call us old-fashioned, but there’s nothing we love like a nice bold matte lip. Heck, we’re so obsessed with mattes, we even love our nude lippies in a smooth matte finish.
Over the years many brands like Sleek and NYX and some lesser known brands have come up with their versions of the liquid matte. A class apart though, are the liquid mattes from Lime Crime.
These intensely pigmented, smooth-finish and quick-drying lipsticks are everything you’d ever want from a matte lipstick.

Lime Crime offers a range of colors to choose from – subdued nudes to sinful reds and vampy wines.

The liquid dries to a perfect matte finish and has a good wear time of upto 6 hours.

A more affordable alternative is NYX’s soft matte lip cream.

A Contour Kit –


2014 and Kim Kardashian made the art of contouring, a household name. Be it on the covers of magazines or in the movies or your pinterest history. Girls everywhere wanted to experiment with the concept of contouring and experience its miracles firsthand.

MAC has its own range of both shimmery and matte bronzers.

The thing with MAC bronzers is that they end up looking a little too orange on medium desi tones. Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit offers subtle colors which are great to work with and offer the face definition, naturally.

The product is one of the highest sellers in the beauty industry.

A White Eye Pencil –


A simple eye pencil can be a miracle product in enhancing your eyes and making them look bigger.

All you need is cream beige or white pencil. Just run it along the inner base of your waterline and say hello to bigger-looking eyes instantly.

This trick is used by several MUAs to fake bigger eyes. Do buy a nude pencil this year get yuor quick fix to this little cheat trick.

A Brow Powder Or Pencil –


The mistake we often make with our brows is to visit the salon regularly, thread the hell out of them and sport fine lines for brows.

Since enough has been said on the Internet about 2015 going to be the year of power brows, you’ll definitely need to up your brow game.

For those of us who aren’t born as Cara Delevigne, brow powders or a good pencil is the unabated saviour.

Dark haired girls need to choose a shade upto two tones lighter than their hair and Light haired girls must pick upto two tones darker while choosing a shade of brow powder.

Anastasia Beverly Hills makes possibly the best brow kits, some more affordable options are also available in drugstores brands.

A Beauty Blender –


This product revolutionized the market in 2014 with its ability to make makeup application look flawless and smooth. Though it does eat up a lot of foundation, this product helps you blend in your makeup well for a flawless base.

The market is abuzz with many new products but we’re sure adding these basics (if you haven’t already) will make a WORLD of difference to your look !

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