Bare Minerals Original Vs Bare Minerals Liquid Review

This summer I picked up bareMinerals Original and bareMinerals New BareSkin liquid/serum foundation.  I’ve heard about it from so many girls who only use Bare Minerals, so I had to try it.  After all, Bare Minerals was the first brand to popularize mineral makeup.

bareMinerals Original

What is it

bareMinerals is a mineral based foundation that provides a flawless coverage but is free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances and other chemicals often found in many foundations today.  Its gives a natural look to the skin, but you can build it up to a medium coverage.

“A mineral-based foundation that delivers all the flawless coverage you want with a natural luminous finish.”

Bare Minerals is best applied with a powder brush, I’m using the Real Techniques fluffy brush but you can use any.  Make sure its not a huge powder brush I think the blush size ones are best so you can really work the product on areas of the face.

How to Use it

  • SWIRL a small amount of bareMinerals in the lid with the Flawless Application Face Brush until all the bareMinerals are tucked into the bristles.
  • TAP away excess. There should be no visible bareMinerals on the outside of the brush.
  • BUFF the bareMinerals into the skin in a circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbone, swirling as you go. Buff around your face and then approach your forehead, cheeks, and nose. Buff, buff, buff until you are satisfied with the coverage.
  • A little goes a long way so start with less.

Final Thoughts

I loved the bareMinerals Foundation, like LOVEED it!  I didn’t think that I would since I don’t wear powder but I did!  The powder is actually not a dry powder but a creamy powder and once you buff it into the skin it sets beautifully.  It’s a great product for those who want no fuss, no chemicals and a natural skin look.  Really one major highlight for me was how I didn’t feel like I had anything on my skin but it still gave me decent coverage.  A little dust on, gives a natural no makeup look.  But personally, I prefer a bit more coverage so you can take more and buff it into the skin.  I even tried it with some MAC Fix + and then buffed in the foundation and WOW, it gave such a beautiful dewy porcelain look to the skin!   And you know that glow we are all looking for?  This foundation has it!

This product can really work with all skin types: Sensitive, dry, oily and combo just depends on how you use it.   You can really layer or work with this product to create matte or dewy and light to medium coverage depending on what you need. Oily skin girls or those looking for a matte finish just buff it on alone.  Dry skin girls or those looking for a dewy finish, try it with MAC Fix +, you’ll thank me.  It creates a beautiful dewy, glossy look to the skin.

I wore it all day long, in the heat and under the AC.  It lasted pretty well but at the end of the day (I wore it for 8+ hours) it was a bit blochy.  Like I could see where the oil and foundation started separating on my skin. Probably because I wore a lot of it and the insane heat here in Saudi, so for oily skin or if you’ll be under heat touch up with a bit of blot powder during the day to keep the base fresh, controlling the oil and to avoid it getting blochy.

One thing I experienced for the first time with a foundation is how easily this foundation washed off, which shows you how natural it is. Normally I remove my makeup with a makeup remover and then cleanse and then use my clarisonic.  But the bareMinerals Foundation came off soooo easily I didn’t even have to double cleanse! I was actually surprised at how it seriously just came off so quick!

I can’t BELIEVE I waited so long to actually try this foundation.  Like its been around for ages, but I think I just always stayed away from powder because I have dry skin.  But it is truly truly phenomenal, a really amazing foundation.  Really happy I got it, recommended for everyone!

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation

What is it

A 2 n 1, tone-correcting mineral foundation and skincare serum in one.  What’s interesting about this foundation is from their research 100% of women experienced more even-toned skin immediately after application and 95% women experienced a measurable improvement in the appearance of dark spots!

“A breakthrough tone-correcting mineral foundation and skincare serum in one.”

How it Works

  • Really important to shake the product well to get the perfect mix of ingredients
  • Dab on a drop of foundation into the brush Reservoir
  • Start with one drop, buff into the skin and repeat if you want more coverage.  A little goes a long way
  • Buff into skin in curcular motions
  • For dry skin apply a moisturizer first.  For Oily skin cleanse and hydrate the skin apporpriately.
  • Product works better when you put a primer on first
  • Set your foundation with a finishing powder.

Final Thoughts

My skin is dry and it wore pretty well on me.  It does cling to dry patches so its important to moisturize generously and exfoliate well.  It has a luminosity to it like the bareMineral Original formula.  Actually when I compared them half face side-by-side they were almost the same but the liquid formula has more coverage.  It get’s oily quicker then the bareMinerals original formula so if you have oily skin set it well with a powder.

The coverage is light to medium depending on how much you use. 1-3 drops will be natural or 4-6+ medium coverage.  I liked out it looks more with medium coverage then with natural coverage.  Under studio lights looks flawless but under daylight I could see it on my skin.  It feels light on but I can tell it’s there unlike the bareMinerals Original which felt light as air even when I built it up to a medium coverage.

I wore this one all day long as well, in the heat and under the AC.  It also lasted pretty well but at the end of the day (I wore it for 8+ hours) and looked great, but I did set it well with a powder.

What really stood out about the foundation was how it brightens up the skin immediately, actually it was the first thing I noticed when I wore it.

For me this foundation won’t be an everyday one, but for those nights out when I want a more coverage and a brighter look I’d use this one.

Overall, bareMinerals Brightening Foundation + Serum is a really good foundation, no doubt but overall the finish, longevity and look of the Original Formula is better.  Sometimes old is gold 😉


My left is bareMinerals Original and my right is bareMinerals Liquid

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