4 Steps To Flawless Makeup

Show off your natural beauty with the perfect complexion.

1. Prime the Skin

Primers have become a staple in many makeup-artist kits. Primers are great to help achieve that much desired flawless skin. Primers can make all the difference in the world – use it on the t-zone and other oily areas to keep it dry. They also make pores to appear smaller, allows your makeup to last longer throughout the day and gives the skin radiance.


2. Apply Foundation

Foundation is the key to a flawless complexion. Apply your favorite foundation using a foundation brush for an even application. If you require a more dewy finish opt for a stippler brush. If you are in a rush you can use your good old fingers.


3. Conceal

Concealing is the secret to camouflage dark under eye circles, marks, scars and to even out skintones. Apply your concealer on top of your foundation and do not blend into the skin. You can use a concealer brush, or even pat on with your index finger. You want to create a natural yet even layer of concealer on top of the area you wish to hide. If you blend it in, it won’t give you the coverage you desire.



4. Set with Powder

A powder is not a must for everyone. For dry skins it’s better to avoid powder as it can seep into fine lines and wrinkles making them more obvious. However the benefits of using powder are tremendous for normal to oily skin types. Whether you use translucent powder (colorless powder) to set makeup in the morning or you use blot powder to control shine throughout the day, it buffs on and blends in beautifully. Be careful not to apply too much as it can build up and end up looking dry and cakey. Its better to touch up shiny areas throughout the day using a BLOT powder – which is a colorless powder that will absorb any access oil without adding more makeup to your face! What’s more is that the neutral pigment means it won’t distort the color of your makeup.

This 4-step routine is the basis for any celebrity-like glowing skin.

Try this routine and let us know how it works for your skin!




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Nilo Haq
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