Your Body After you Stop Working Out!

Side effects of not working out

Did you go through a major transformation in your life where you started working out in order to loose weight? Did you STOP working out after you lost the weight?


Many of will give ourselves a goal to loose a certain number of pounds or gain some muscle. And unless you make it a life style choice, life itself might take over and your exercise routine may end up slacking off. The consequences of slacking in your healthy routine can take a toll on your body and energy overall though. Here I will list what happens when you STOP working out.

One to 4 Weeks

Your Matabolism starts to slow down and you gradually start storing the calories as fat while during regular activity you were using efficiently. You muscles start to decrease in size and start appearing “softer” instead of “leaner” and “tight”.

4 Weeks to 12 Weeks

Overall Muscle Strength starts to reduce and you are most likely to return to your pre-workout strength. That means, in 3 months, you can loose all the hard work you put into your overall health.


12 Weeks to 6 Months

If you didn’t already start gaining weight, you will defiantly risk gaining unhealthy weight within 3 – 6 months of inactivity.

6 Months to 9 Months

This is where you really need to start monitoring your health, as 6 months onwards of inactivity can lead to blood pressure issues, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Those prone to these issues need to be extra careful.

9 Months to 12 Months

Lack of serotonin is the leading cause to depression. Exercise will help increase endorphines and serotonin in your body, leading to better mood and mental health. Lack of exercise has been known to make people more prone to depression and suffer from self esteem.


12 Months Onwards

Bone density and strength will deteriorate with lack of exercise. These issues can lead to osteoporosis causing you to become prone to injuries. If your bones are too brittle, then these injuries may not be reversible.

All in all, it is scary what can happen to our body if we don’t take care of ourselves. If you just haven’t found the time to workout or have broken out of an activity routine due to stressors from life, don’t fret. Start slow and start prioritizing little life long habits that will help you stay focused and get back to your goals. Although it takes 3-6 months to LOOSE the strength you built up, the GOOD NEWS is that your muscle has memory and once you start working out, your body will regain its strength faster than when you first started working out and in as little as 2-4 weeks!!

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Gule Sheikh
The world's first desi Body Building fitness competitor, Gule Sheikh is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a seasoned body builder. Sheikh is dedicated to her body, and yours! Her mantra? What do you have to lose, besides your unwanted pounds!

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