Back to School Workout

Back to school workout

Going back to school is a difficult task, in between managing classes and assignments, we mostly tend to forget about keeping a regular workout routine! While this may not seem as important as studies once the school year begins, trust me, having an active body means having an active mind which leads to greater productivity when it comes to learning at school. Here are some easy workouts that you can incorporate into your routine to stay fit!


Go for regular walks!

So you’re done with one assignment, but have three others waiting for you? It’s time to take a 15 minute break so you can re-energize your mind. The best way to do this would be to go out in the open and walk briskly for 15 minutes. Not only would this help you be more active, the greenery and change of settings will rejuvenate your mind, and once your go back to doing your assignments, you will fell much more refreshed!


Run the stadium stairs!

Trust me, this aint no easy task! Make a habit of running the stadium stairs at least 2-3 times everyday and then try to build up your resistance so you can set a higher target each time. As easy as it seems, running the stairs really gets the blood flowing in all parts of your body and there is a whole lotta cardio taking place! This is one workout that gives you great results, and you’ll find yourself hooked to this in no time at all!

Cumberland County College Baseball vs Gloucester County College - Tuesday April 16, 2013

Play Baseball / Softball!

This workout is specially for those who make excuses of no time to workout since they are always busy in their extra curricular activities. Well good news! Enrolling yourself in soft ball or baseball will not only give you time to play and hang around with your friends, but this is quite the workout in itself! From shoulders to arms and your back, there are definitely alot of body parts that will feel the burn when you play!

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