Top Supplements

Top Supplements

Working out and eating healthy is essential to maintaining your ideal weight, but to support your immune system and muscular development or weight loss, you also need to ensure you are getting the adequate amount of nutrients. This is where supplements become crucial.

Eating a nutrient dense diet will help you gain energy and boost your digestive system, but supplements will enhance your diet and fill in any missing nutrients. Here are my top recommended supplements!

1.Protein Powder

I high quality protein is very important especially if you are working out more. Protein will help boost muscle recovery and growth and is believed by some to prevent injuries.

There are many types of protein including rice, soy, whey, pea and even beef protein powders. I personally rotate between protein powders during the week or even in a day, and take either whey, vegan or beef protein. After an intense workout or first thing in the am I take a beef or vegan protein since it has more carbs in it, and usually an isolate whey protein at bed time. You should research the type and brand thoroughly and try to get samples to make sure you like what you buy.



Often missed, a high quality vitamin will give you the extra and missing nutrients from your daily diet. A quality vitamin should be taken either in the am or with lunch or even both, depending on how much you are working out. When working out, you are often adept to injury and also using up more energy sources so you need to replace and replenish those.





For bone health and mineral absorption, calcium is very important especially for women who lift weight. Bone health is crucial in preparing for old age, but also supplementing when working out.




CLA also known as conjugated linoleic acid is a fatty acid that comes mostly from beef or dairy. Although studies are still in effect, CLA has been thought to help maintain lean muscle which promotes burning more calories, therefore loosing weight! You can get CLA through food itself, but you would only get CLA in small amounts, so a supplement is great to have.






Glutamine is by far one of my favorite supplements. Glutamine is an amino acid that help repair and rebuild muscle. When you get that soar feeling after a workout, its because your have lactic acid buildup and your muscles are trying to repair themselves. Aside from repairing muscle breakdown, glutamine is also well known for digestion, brain health, immunity, stress, exhaustion, severe burns and the list goes on and on.


6. Omega 3

Benefits of amino acids that derive from protein are essential, but so is the proper fat intake. Without the right amount of fat, your joints and mental health will deteriorate. Omega-3s have a number of health benefits. Omega-3s are thought to play an important role in reducing inflammation throughout the body, help with conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis, depression, joints, skin, vision, brain, heart, helps lower bad cholesterol levels and boosts fertility.

You can get Omege 3 from avocados, walnuts, salmon or trout, or a supplement in pill form.



Disclaimer: Please consult your physician for approval before prescribing any supplements. This list is recommended under the consult of a physician monitoring your health.

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