How to Choose the Right Clip-in Extensions Matching your Hair

Extensions for your Hair

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Step 1 – Knowing about your hair Colour

Hair extensions have the widest range of colours available, in order to give the closest possible colour take a good look at your own hair in daylight. I usually look at the bottom inches of my hair. I suggest you to pick the colour which you think will be a close match (either slightly light or dark) and try blending it with your own hair. This will give a more natural look, a unique variation and more depth and dimension to your own hair.

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Step 2- Carefully Considering your hair texture

Texture is just as crucial as color. Even though you pick the correct colour, your hair style will look terrible if you mix curly hair with straight extensions. If you would like to try something different from your own regular texture, make sure you can adapt your own hair to blend in nicely using the extensions. Be sure to find the closest texture to your own natural hair.



Step 3: Picking the perfect Hair Length

We are all different heights, be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for hair extension. An easy way to choose a length of hair extensions is to measure anywhere from 10-22 inches from the top of your ear. This will give you an estimate as to where the ends of the extensions will reach. Most important you want to be confident with the length you pick. For example If you are used to short hair and are not 100 percent about wearing long extensions, go with what you are comfortable with; if you want to be bold, that is fully encouraged but remember to get something that will suit you and not someone else. Remember what looks good on one will not look good on all. Focus on accentuating your physical features.

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Sabah Shaikh
Crazy about hair with a deep passion for beauty, Sabah Shaikh, Co-Founder and business owner of Axia Hair, brings you her best expertise, tips and tricks to adding hair extensions to help enhance your beauty. She has over 6 years of experience with Hair extensions and recently launched her own hair extension company to help other women change their hair looks without causing hair damage. An expert in her field Sabah loves to play with colours, textures, waves, curls and straight hair.

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