Top 5 Ways To Workout

Top 5 workouts

Workout For Strength

1. Workout to get Strong. Not skinny. When you workout for strength, you will develop a lean physique. The key is diet. Lower carbs will cause you to burn more fat stores and higher carbs will give you more strength.


Always Warm Up

2. Always warm up for 10 minutes doing cardio (such as running, biking, rowing) AND Dynamic Warmup. Dynamic warmups are excercises that you do right before weight lifting. It includes multi-joint excercises and minimal or no weights. This allows your muscles to prepare themselves for the movements to come with heavier lifting.

Switch Things Up

3. Switch things up. Add a day in your routine that is different from everything else, such as yoga, pilates, swimming, boxing. Anything that will get your heart raised but isn’t part of your regular routine. This will prevent your body from Plateauing.


High Intensity Training

4. Add HIIT training in your cardio routine. HIIT is high intensity training, where you switch the tempo and speed from the previous minute. You start with 5 minutes warmup in a steady state i.g. 4 intensity (0 is no intensity and equal to sitting). Increase intensity to 6 for 1 minute. Slow down to intensity 5 for the next two minutes. Increase intensity to 7 for 1 minute and then slow down to 6 for the next two. This is one example of doing HIIT training and is most effective for fat loss.


Visualize Success

5. Before you workout, mentally prepare to give the next 45 or 60 minutes your everything. Whether its weights or a class or cardio. Your mind visualizes success. By mentally preparing yourself, your body will follow. There is great power in mind to muscle connection and every single person has access to it! So get it!

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