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Mickey Contractor is the MAC Director of Makeup Artistry for India. He started his career 33 years ago with hair. His main interest was hair styling, but at that time in Indian film industry, men were not allowed to do hair, so he had to switch his career from a hair stylist to a makeup artist.


He always wanted to become a part of the industry and was very fond of the concept of film making. When he decided to start his career as makeup artist, he considered it must to study a little bit of makeup. This study, he pursued by assisting a senior makeup artist. To get hands on experience in the makeup field he worked in many different places.


The turning point of his career was when he decided to leave film industry. After leaving films, he went into went into advertising. He found work in advertising field more challenging and respectful. Advertising gave him chance to experience working with different kinds of looks. In Advertising field He tried more sophisticated and complex makeup techniques.


He continued his work in Advertising field for about 10 years. Right at the point when he started to get recognized for his makeup skills in adds agencies, and his skills to work differently from other makeup artist, that’s when film industry wanted him back in the film industry.


With his growing success and reputation, he also increased his fees. He built his own M.A.C collection. With no sources in India, he had to travel around the world for the collection of makeup sources. Being the creator of the ‘NO MAKEUP LOOK’ in India, He has opened his stores in Bombay and Banglore. He had been also a mentor to many makeup artists in India.

When MAC decided to launch in India, they approached Mickey without giving any second thought. MAC wanted to benefit from the skills and experience of Mickey for their beauty products. Being the MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry for India, Mickey is held responsible to re-interpret and customize the products.

He also works as a extremely popular and hard to book professional bridal makeup artist.


His famous introduced makeup products are M·A·C Paint Pot in “Bare Study”, M·A·C “Smolder” Eye Kohl ,M·A·C “Carbon” Eyeshadow, M·A·C “Folie” Eyeshadow, M·A·C “Ricepaper” Eyeshadow ,M·A·C “Zoom Lash” Mascara ,M·A·C #219 Pencil Brush ,M·A·C #217 Blending Brush, M·A·C “Lust” Tinted Lipglass and M·A·C “Mocha” Powder Blush.

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