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Mind training

Exercise is a great way to build external strength, however, most people don’t realize that exercise creates strong mental focus as well.

You would think that if you just perform the exercise, then you can loose weight and build muscle. But that’s not true. While you might initially loose weight doing exercises you’ve never done before, your body will adapt very quickly and in order to keep seeing results, you have to increase workload to fatigue your muscles to grow. This requires mental focus and strength to keep pushing. Every week you have to either increase weight or repetitions or complexity to confuse your body, and in order to do so, you must mentally prepare yourself before the workout and during the workout.

This shift in thinking is the ultimate shift in achieving success in life. Whether dealing with day to day stressful situations or work related tasks, pushing past your comfort zone will help you achieve your next level.

Here is a simple yet difficult exercise that you can try weekly and make progressions from. This is by far, one of the best leg exercises and requires balance, strength and mental focus!

Pistol Squat

Try with assistance through TRX cable.


Beginner/Basic: Move towards a basic pistol squat and go as low as you can gradually, week over week.


Beginner/Intermediate: Gradually move into doing the pistol squat without assistance


Advanced: Push your limits on balance, once you have perfected the pistol squat. Once you have perfected this, add on weights for extra power!



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