5 Tips To Start Your Day Right

No one likes to feel cranky, dull and negative throughout the day. Believe it or not, how your start off your morning plays a great role in how your mood transpires for the rest of the day. Try some of these tips for a positive and refreshing day!

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1. Plan the night before

Having a goodnight sleep is vital in ensuring that you feel active the next day since lack of sleep leads to sluggishness, forgetfulness and mood swings. If you have an early meeting, make sure you prepare your clothes, files and fill up your cars fuel the night before!

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2. Have a hearty breakfast

Hangry is the latest slang word that has been making rounds on social media. It is a combination of the words ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’ trying to portray that an empty stomach leads to not-so-nice moods. No one wants to be accused of being hangryso make sure you get a good healthy breakfast in your before you rush out the door.


3. Light a scented candle

Light a scented, treat yourself to a fragrant bouquet of flowers or use an aroma diffuser, your choice. Studies have shown that a fragrant area leads to stress levels decreasing dramatically so having a nice smelling room/home after you wake up will only uplift your mood for the day.


4. Have a cup of green tea

Not only is green tea one of the most beneficial drinks, it helps in digestion as well. The breakfast you just had will go down much more smoothly if you follow it up with a cup of green tea. If you want to take care of your health, try replacing coffee with green tea in your morning routine and watch how your skin and body changes in a positive way.


5. Look forward to the day unfolding

Maybe it’s wearing your newest pair of jeans, accessorizing your outfit with the necklace that your best friend gifted you, looking forward to a meeting with a friend or having a spa day, if there is something you’re looking forward to, it will give you the motivation to start off your day right and keep your mood uplifted.

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