What NOT to wear on Valentine’s Day

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Ahhh – my favourite Hallmark Holiday is right around the corner. Valentine’s Day – an extra special celebration of love, romance and happiness. Or for some of you – a reminder of how lonely and miserable you just might be! But hey! Look on the bright side – no matter what your status, at least it’s another occasion to dress up! Whether you’re celebrating with your true love, or attending a party with a group of friends, dressing for the event is one of the exciting aspects of it.

I’m very aware of the fact that V-day has certain symbols that we naturally associate with the holiday. Hearts, cupid, arrows, and etc. But for once – let’s think outside the box. In attempts of this, branching out of a typical red dress would be the first thing I would advise. Get real – why blend in with an ensemble that probably half the crowd is going to be rocking when you can show up in something pink, fuchsia or maroon? Romantic colours are an excellent way to stay with the mood of the day but still manage to differentiate from what the rest of the world is wearing.

What NOT to wear on Valentine_Saira

What NOT to wear on Valentine_Saira3

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When putting your outfit together, do not forget one very important thing. It is still pretty cold outside, a cover up, jacket, coat or shawl is necessary to plan. Although you’ll have it on temporarily, chances are your date for the evening will probably have his first glance at the door when you’re all ready to go. First impressions are everlasting – make it a good one! Girls – putting on that hefty parka jacket over your extremely pretty undergarments is a bad idea! At times like this – I say sacrifice comfort for style! Leave your fur hooded North Pole at home and maybe pair your get-up with a printed pashmina or fitted coat. A trench or a sexy kimono wrap will do the trick!

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Last but not least, one of the biggest fashion crimes to take place on Cupid’s day is not to dress your part! GIRLS – jeans and t-shirts will not cut it. I for one am guilty of such an offense until I one dayrealized that I’m not going to be young forever! I might as well embrace my youth, and doll up for the once a year when I can squeeze as much chocolate and undeserving presents out of my husband and it’s not even my birthday! Keep it interesting and glam up for your man, your family or friends. There no longer is a conventional way to celebrate, so why not diversify our look every year? As years progress, you can turn back and feel content that every year your fashion sense on the most romantic occasion of the year has transgressed into whatever truly makes you feel fabulous!

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