The Best of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 (PSFW2014) Day-4/4

Akif Mehmood

Akif Mehmood presented a collection inspired by the matadors. I have seen his work since the beginning of his career and he has never disappointed us. Akif has his own unique signature style and he is a whiz-kid when it comes to put a collection together and decide the proportions of each look and placing the colors and patterns/motifs. His PFDC Sunsilk fashion week collection summer 2014 was again a breeze of a fresh air that we all perhaps needed. The clothes were profoundly inspired by the female matadors with a fashionable behavior. The collection had Gold-Bold embellishments and prints. The best part of the collection was that he offered almost every piece of clothing you could think of be it jackets, pants, blouses, dresses, shirts, skirts and more… In its entirety, the collection had a fierce fashionable energy and something worth buying from each look presented Loved the cohesive silhouettes and color palette. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to more of his women’s wear and a little menswear too!

Akif Mahmood 13-4-14 (190) Akif Mahmood 13-4-14 (710)


In my vision, KHAADI is the biggest Fashion house we have in our country, Pakistan. KHAADI is raising the bar both in the retail and high-end world of fashion (now internationally). KHAADI showcased a super dazzling, elegant and tremendously feminine collection. It was about mixing the multi-colored divine floral prints, finest silk embroideries, complimenting the neutral off white fabrics of different weights and textures. Each runway girl I saw was looking spectacular and one could see the women in the audience drooling over the gorgeous ensembles.No flaw, not at all boring and super fancy. It is definitely going to sell like Hot Cakes, I am sure!

Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (48) Khaadi Khaas 13-4-14 (578)

Zara Shahjahan

If you are worrying about having nothing appropriate to wear for a day time event, I should tell you fashionable peeps that Zara Shahjahan is there now to solve your problems this summer. Zara showcased a collection where she served us a variety of fashionable looks to appear glamorous in this hot summer. BaturNoticed her work for the first time at Mall One PFDC store in Lahore a couple of seasons back for being officially too unbelievably good to be on the ready-to-wear racks and since then I became a fan of her incredible high street clothing label. The collection had a wide range of prints, silhouettes, pieces, colors with a contemporary sense of styling. Good One Zara!

Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (31) Zara Shahjahan 13-4-14 (186)



This season Hassan Shehryar Yasin fashionably expressed his strong love for his country and served a ravishing wearable clothing range again. His shows as always are a spectacle to watch. HSY always pays attention towards every single detail, when it comes to put on a show. His women’s wear was interesting, due to lots of layering (I Love layers) and he smartly played with our national Pakistani silhouettes by giving them a bit of a twist. He brought back Shalwars on the runway, his amalgamation on eastern and western silhouettes and mixing of different textiles surfaces like puff printing, embroideries, embellishments made the overall collection fun and fabulous. I don’t even need to say how striking the designs were, because I have mentioned it many times in my previous reviews. A well received collection with a power of patriotism involved. Tres Bien Sheru 🙂

HSY 13-4-14 A (267)



HSY 13-4-14 A (1451)

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