The Best Of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 – DAY 2/4

Hello Fashionable Ladies and Fashionable Gentlemen. Hope you guys are looking good and feeling fine. Here’s the BEST of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day-2, which took place in Lahore Pakistan this April 10th-13th.

Shehla Chatoor

ShehlaChatoor is definitely one of my favorite designers. The reason why I love Shehla is because she knows her target market and she successfully manages to incorporate her signature essenceinto whatever she creates. ShehlaChatoor’s spring luxury Ready-to-Wear 2014 is yet again a collection, where she expresses her love for GOLD explicitly. Her obsession with GOLD metallic details and surfaces, sets her apart from rest of the current designers in Pakistan. I also consider her one of the trend setters, as I see a lot of other Pakistani fashion designers picking fine points from her collections. This collection was again very Chatoorian. Those divine digital prints on silks and fringes were undeniably dazzling. She is one of the best evening gown designers, as we often see Pakistani celebrities wearing her gowns forred carpet appearances. Her drapery when it comes to Saaris and Gowns was very lady like and sexy smooth. Absolutely adored the tailored jackets with delicate embellishments, spiked up a little with studs. She also showcased some eye-catching killer slim-line pants with quilted and Studded gold leather panels on the sides in black and white to love. ShehlaChatoor’s collection this time was a hit for me. In future I would like Shehla to push the boundaries a tad more and come out of her comfort zone and showcase something more than what we have been seeing and loving and I am sure she will. We adore you!

Shehla Chatoor (36)

Shehla Chatoor (21)



Hina Butt

I was satisfyingly shocked to see such a different and remarkably better collection by Hina Butt for her label Teena. Miss politician plus fashion designer showcased her first luxury Ready-to-Wear collection, which was clearly “far- far- far” better than her couture collections. I have heard that Hina works with a creative team every time she showcases a collection and this time fashion designer Hammad-ur-Rehman was on board with her. The clothes were inspired by Pakistani Blue Pottery cultural Art. It was majorly based on good-looking prints and the prints were used smartly with the positioning in pattern and proportions. The best part of the collection was it had a range of eastern and western looks and it was basic, but still looked modish. It was a cohesive collection with very little room left for improvement.I hope Hina stays on this track and focus more on this design ideology and keep us fashionably entertained.

Teena by Hina Butt  (20)

Teena by Hina Butt  (4)




One of the most anticipated shows of the fashion week. MUSE showcased a rather satisfactory 2014 spring summer collection. There were some pieces that I just LOVED and there were some that did not go down so well this time. MUSE is perhaps the only true “luxury” Pakistani Designer brandthat imports all their plush materials and inspirations from the world’s capital city of fashion ‘Paris’. Designers Faryal and Moeed are consistent participants of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion week and have also been consistent with throwing back to back stunner collections. Like I tweeted before the fashion week began, that MUSE this time around needs to take a little step out of the box with pattern making and surfaces and I am glad they did. I loved the part that the designers introduced some amazing shoes and bold metallic belts. The parts that didn’t work for me were the draped pieces with metallic fabrics, which had some not-so flattering volume around the waist area. Metallic fabrics are very hard to deal with, however I liked the draw-string sports pink metallic pants. I think the major issue with the collection was perhaps the styling and may be the assembling of separate pieces. Overall, MUSE like always told us a very chic and romantic story through a glamorous and dreamy color palette. I enjoyed watching the entire collection, keep taking risks because risk necessary and essential for growth. will wait to see more!

Muse 11-4-14 (515)

Muse 11-4-14 (137)

P.S. Je absoluetelyDeteste sending Pakistani models wearing flats down the runwayL!




One of the most successful luxury prêt collections of the fashion week was ELAN’s collection by Khadijah Shah. As I said in my pre-interview in Sunday Times Magazine that I am loving the trend of ART influencing this summer 2014 collections worldwide.Khadijah Shah picked the same trend and delivered a fashionably artistic collection. For a moment I felt like I am watching a Dior show in Paris. The good-looking lady knows how to make a fantastical high-end clothing range derived from classic conventional art and well known fashion illustrationsby Rene Gruau. The entire collection had soft and girly silhouettes with custom designed fabrics and prints with trendy embellishments on them. The collection had almost everything to offer, like Pants, jumpsuits, ruffles,and various lengths of skirts, jackets, fluffy Basques and yummy dresses to drool over. Each piece in the entire collection was given equally full concentration and made to compliment. The conversational art-works done throughout the clothing range made the Old-Hollywood glamour inspired collection look contemporary and cool.Loved the Kitty pants and envelop bags. I Love Art and ELAN loves Art, therefore I love ELAN and we look forward to see more of Khadijah’s ARTmazing-ness!

Elan 11-4-14 (642)

Elan 11-4-14 (510)

Elan 11-4-14 (282)

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