January Style Guide

January style guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This means two things for us shopaholics! New Year, new stock, new collections! Orrrr this could simply mean tons of sales as retailers are attempting to rid themselves of any outdated merchandise! For me, this indicates the ladder! Hello savings! Hello hoarding! Because there are so many deals, we often forget what we really need and give into the “savings”! God help us! So how does one decide what they require to stay chic?bfjeanscollage

Considering the change in the climate within the winter season, it is essential to snatch pieces that keep you warm yet trendy. To stay covered, a great pair of jeans can do the trick. I wouldn’t just recommend any type – but a boyfriend jean can be utilized to whole your gear. Boyfriend jeans have several pairings that can work no matter what kind of look you’re pulling off. Whether pulling your ensemble together with heels, a sweater or a crop top, this bottom can assist to make any outfit casual or fancy.


January Style Guide2
Another critical aspect of your daily attire is a wonderful jacket or coat. As these come with more of a hefty price tag, it is important to remember to choose one that is versatile. Something that you can wear to a date night out at the skating rink or for a casual uptown brunch would be ideal. Keep in mind that your outerwear has to be able to compliment additional members, such as gloves, hats or scarves. Also notice the fit as it is imperative to ensure that your topcoat does not make you look or feel bigger than you may be.



January = cold weather = snow = boots.

Of course, boots have to equal a fantastic fit, need to be comfortable, and must give you insurance that you won’t be slipping and falling while wearing them. Boots are so much fun because they come in such a huge variation of styles. It depends on your own personal taste if you lean towards knee highs, mid-calf or ankle booties. When trying on knee highs, always remember to find a fit that hugs your calves and isn’t loose around your leg. A decent collection will always serve a person trying to survive colder seasons as it protects against the more harsh conditions that winter may bring.


So as this holiday season brings sales, let us take the time to remember what we truly require. Spring cleaning is right around the corner and we have yet to give our closet a detox – but once we do, we can then consider cupboard makeovers. For now, we should stick to our necessities and focus on trying to keep cosy in our winter wardrobe.


A Happy and Warm January to one and all! Let our boot collections be plenty and our coat rack be comfy!

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