Fall 2014 Shoe Trends!

Need a fall shoe guide? Well you’re in the right place! With a new season, come new schedules, outings and commitments. Welcome to the one place that will outline everything you need to know about your 2014 Fall shoe game.

If you’ve seen lug soles, I’m sure you had the same initial reaction that I did – I WILL NEVER WEAR THOSE. But it seems that my spice girl platform wearing days aren’t farfetched. They are starting to grow on me. Forget the adjustment of accepting these bulky shoes, the comfort level of these podiums is on another level!


A reoccurring shoe trend making a come back (actually never made an exit)is the lace up militant style boots. These combats are edgy, multipurpose, and can allow you to pull off any type of look when rocking them.


The next shoe has everything to do with Karl Lagerfield. I may not completely agree with it but a recent Chanel show showcasing fashionable sneakers has got everyone wearing running shoes with suits, boyfriend jeans and pencil skirts. This look may not be for everyone but if you can pull it off – make sure to take advantage of this movement.


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