The Latest Beauty Innovations that Will Change Your Life

Latest Innovation for Hair

Momoko Hair Shaping

This latest technology is for Digital Curling and Straightening. This innovation allows you to choose from the list of four hair textures. The textures are Poker Straight, Natural Straight, Gentle Waves and Bouncy Curl. The secret of this hair shaping device lies in the protein-rich pre-treatment. It’s specialty is that it even does wonders on bleached hair. This device, that works exactly like regular straighter considerably decrease the amount of time you spend on styling and ensures your finished style lasts. You just need to simply shape it with your hands and blow dry into place” The special Momoko Digital Curl uses new formulations and a refined technique to give you lasting of gorgeous curls for three to six months.


Latest Innovation For Skin

Murad Rapid Collagen


It is a brand new innovation that helps to penetrate the skin with pure collagen. This is a fast acting anti-aging treatment that reduces wrinkles and loss of resilience by speedily refreshing skin and supporting natural restoration of more new collagen levels. This innovation is for people who want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles from their skin. The basic mechanism of this innovation is that it replaces old collagen with new collagen. Use the lotion by massaging evenly over clean face, neck and chest.



Lightsim is an incredible LED anti-ageing product. LightStim energizes the skin and it builds new proteins and cells. This device is able to do such incredible work by using a is a newly developed form of UV-free LED light therapy. LED stands for light emitting diodes. It is a portable low level light therapy that will have profound effect on healing skin, so much that they you won’t have to spend money on doctors visits. LightStim offers an Acne Light and a Rosacea Light that are specifically designed to treat each skin depending on the texture and condition differently. This Portable LED devices use the same blue light found in dermatologist’s offices, it reduces the bacteria that cause blemishes. You’ll see a significant difference after just using it for two to three minutes daily within six to eight weeks.

Latest Innovation in Make up

Brow Perfect

Brow Perfect is a new salon treatment created for the purpose of filling out and extending the brows. This product is not like the regular lash extensions. It is specifically created to fill in the gaps and extend the brow line too. The purpose of this innovation is to create volume, texture and cover up the visible plucking mistakes. It even looks more real and natural than powders and pencils.

EX1 Cosmetics


This innovation is a make-up collection formulated specially for oily skins. It needs to be applied to a clean, dry face using a foundation brush. This is a liquid foundation specially formulated for Asian, Middle/Far-Eastern or Mediterranean complexions. It is enriched with light diffusers to carefully fade away light away from lines, wrinkles and blemishes. It is formulated with ‘true colour’ pigments and has the ability to blend perfectly with your skin tone and creates a natural effect. It took two years for manufacturers to come up with this amazing innovation. It has even won an award! The kit includes the foundations, powders and concealers.

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