Valentine’s Special — Skinny Shake Down, Slim Up Hollywood Style

Pregnant to red carpet ready lickety-split, today’s stars are always slim and toned, whittled to within an inch of their glammed-up lives.

How do they sustain this chiseled façade, us mere mortals constantly struggle with?

Looking critically into the subject I find: the celeb way to skinny is a constantly evolving science based on hop, skip, and jump experiments choreographed by celebrity nutritionists and work out gurus that change every season, generating a lot of buzz and business for both parties. And then there is the dark side of the skinny, I am sure you have heard your fair share of lanky tales preaching cocaine, Clenbuterol or Adderall, slimming teas, IV diet and of course Beyonce’s Master Cleanse otherwise known as the lemonade diet — they all make up for an engaging table gossip I agree, but are by no way advisable sane praxis. Separating chaff from wheat, today I am looking forward to passing on to you the tinsel town’s insider scoop: au currant, yet legit slender practices responsible for sculpturing some of the hottest celeb bods that make some scientific sense — Lean in and find out how the pros practice slim!

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It’s no secret Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway lunge and spill sweat for hours in the gym to maintain their prized slim and toned bodies. And when they need to look extra trim and lean in a pinch for a silver screen role of a lifetime or to fit in that special red carpet size zero ensemble, they turn to David Kirsch’s Thermo Bubbles pink lemonade sachets; which are famous for burning fat, enhancing energy and jump starting the metabolism. While keeping the moral and energy levels high these blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs suppress the appetite and help build lean muscle mass too.

“There’s nothing better than a product that does all the hard work for you, and these Thermo Bubble supplements do just that.” – VOGUE

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The Fat Busting Celeb Cleanse

To stay slim, trim and camera-ready J Lo and Reese Witherspoon’s nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, prescribes them Optimal Cleanse Supplements. These miraculous pills can help shed up to a pound a day. Jennifer Lopez loves to boost her metabolism and get a steady supply of nutrients at least once a month with East West Essential’s 5 day Optimal Cleanse on regular basis for few years now. The pills burn fat, balance hormones, fight inflammation, and promote collagen synthesis — what more can a girl ask for?

“I have been a dancer all my life, and it is important to keep my body at its best. Using East West Essentials’ Optimal Cleanse along with Haylie’s nutritional guidance has made changes and improvements that I never thought were possible. It was some of the best preparation I could do for the new season of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.” -Edyta Sliwinska

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Victoria Beckham prefers slimming down the express alkaline highway. The theory behind this diet is to consume only non-acidic, alkaline foods, which are easier on your system. This diet limits animal proteins and anything processed — if you are a flesh connoisseur and junk food addict sit this one out. The foods you’re allowed to eat on the alkaline diet are good for your health in general: lots of fruits and vegetables, and lots of water. Alkaline prescription also demands elimination of sugar, alcohol, and processed foods — my advice attempt only if you are super strong willed.

“The alkaline diet, is one of the breakout diets of 2013, it promises to improve energy levels and memory as well as help prevent headaches, bloating, heart disease, muscle pain and insomnia.” -Marie Claire UK

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The credit for Nicole Richie’s stunning slim down is reportedly owed to Pressed Juicery Cleanse program. She draws her daily caloric requirements from six sampler juices along with a bottle of aloe vera water and a bottle of chlorophyll water. While on this program she also has to take the big girl pill and avoid alcohol, energy drinks, caffeine and nicotine — totally worth it if you look at Nicole’s smoking hot body.

“Pressed Juicery is on its way to world domination.” — Drink up and cheers to svelte world domination. – LOS ANGELES TIMES

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Now that you’re privy to the slim Detox secrets — choice is yours practice pre Valentines’ to fit into that SRD (sexy red dress), or post going through tons of admirer chocolates. Happy Valentines’ ya’all!!!!

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