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With the Shaadi and festive seasons here again, everyone wants to look their best amidst hectic schedules and back-to-back parties. All that stress can definitely not be good for your poor skin!


2015 can safely be called the year of detoxes and various cleanses – from the juice cleanse, to the lemon water cleanser, to a greens-only cleanse; all of us have attempted at least one of these cleanses in the hope that they’ll help us lose weight, clear out our skin, detoxify the body, provide radiance, get rid of free radicals and all that jazz.


But how many of these tonics actually work ?


Dermatologists and physicians assert that juices, especially green juices are great for the liver and the skin, provided you don’t go all out and neglect the rest of your diet. Always follow a diet rich in fruits, veggies and fibre and supplement that with super juices and exercise to see the best results.


Here are 2 supertonics for your skin and body that WILL work for sure!


Note – Do not take these juices if you’re pregnant (some ingredients like pineapples cause uterine contractions) , diabetic or have a history of allergies or family disease. Always consult with your doctor first before trying them out.


Apple, Beet, Carrot and Ginger Juice :


This juice is SO effective and absolutely delicious at the same time. It tastes quite sweet on its own (no need of a sweetener) and isn’t unpleasant at all. You should see changes in your skin within a week of drinking this juice.


This juice can be drunk at any time of the day, but works best in the mornings or as a mid-day snack.


Ginger is a miracle ingredient to add in your morning juice. It is anti inflammatory , prevents cancer,

alleviates pain and also plays a major role in weight loss.


Apples are known to detoxify your system and also provide some much-needed fibre to your diet.


Carrots are an excellent source of betacarotene, they protect your skin from sunburn and are enriched

with vitamin A , which cures gastrointestinal ulcers and helps skin conditions like flaky, dry skin.

Beets – ½ a beet

Carrot – 3 medium sized ones or 2 large ones

Apples – 1 medium sized one

Ginger – About a 2 inch stick (you can use dry ginger powder as well but the fresh one just works better)


Grind all the ingredients in a heavy duty grinder and drink up 🙂


Morning Green Juice :


This juice contains all the leafy greens that work excellently to detoxify your system. It contains a mix of antioxidants and vitamins that are wonderful supplements for the body and skin. It is an excellent energizing Detox drink that is best had as a meal replacement in the morning. It will get you revved and ready to have a wonderful start to your day!



Celery – 2 stalks

Spinach / Kale – 2 fresh bunches (cleaned in hot water to kill any germs)

Green Apples – 1 medium sized

Pineapple – a few cubes (optional)

Lemon juice – 1 tsp


Grind all the ingredients and top with lemon juice. GIve it a quick stir and drink up.


This juice is best had on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

I wouldn’t recommend drinking these tonics for more than 10-15 days at a stretch. Choose any ten days in the month that you would like to detox in, and drink these during that period. Limit your consumption of carbs and fried food during that period to let your body soak in the goodness and detox itself.


During the rest of the month as well, follow a healthy and balanced diet with the occasional cheat meal. Looking and feeling good require dedication and consistency. Follow these basics and you’ll see the results quicker than you know 🙂




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