Are You Fat Talking Yourself?

Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re too fat? That your arm looks humongous when it’s pressed against your ribs, and your face is too round, or that your tummy is so prudent that it ruins your whole look?


Kellogg’s has launched a plan to counter and shut down Fat talk and here’s what Mariam Akhtar, Special K’s positivity expert has to say:

‘Fat Talk’ stems from our own insecurities and projections of what or who we would like to be.


The media plays a part in this and it is almost impossible to stay away from what we see in magazines, on the TV or in the movies. In fact, nearly two thirds (70%) of the recent Special K Positivity Study 2014 respondents agree that newspapers and magazines should stop ‘Fat Talking’ – i.e. reporting on celebrity weight gain and loss – as it makes ordinary women feel bad about their own bodies, interestingly, 6 in 10 (57%) social media users agree that ‘Fat Talk’ on social media is also fuelling our insecurities about our bodies.




The most important thing is to keep your focus on the positive and keep activating the positive. Negative emotions are stronger than positive emotions which is why we need to work harder to cultivate the positive by focusing on what makes us happy and feel good in life.


Happiness means different things to different people. However, the happiest people have close personal relationships and active social lives. Having one, single minded goal, such as the goal to be thin, is unlikely to provide a constant source of happiness.

One of the best ways to live a more positive and healthy life, is to find and fulfill achievable goals in the short and long term to give you that sense of satisfaction and achievement.

A lifelong goal to be thin is likely to become boring and DE-motivating over time! The best kind of mindset for any woman, whether she is looking to lose weight or not, is a healthy and positive one.

Fat Talk



The Special K Positivity Study 2013 showed that people who are positive are significantly more likely to lose weight over time, and that positives are also more likely to set realistic weight loss goals (hence their higher likelihood of success).

The need or desire to lose weight will vary for every women, but studies, such as the Special K Positivity Study, has shown that women are more likely to achieve their shape management goals when they feel positive about themselves and not engaging in ‘Fat Talk’

The best way to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet and exercise.

Fat Talk


Mariam Akhtar, Special K Positivity Expert

Mariam Akhtar, Special K Positivity Expert

Special K is raising awareness of the negative impacts that ‘Fat Talk’ can have on our day to day lives, as well as on our shape management journeys. Special K, in partnering with me to create the Special K 10 Point Positivity Plan is encouraging women to focus on the positives in life and beat ‘Fat Talk’ that should help women stay focused on the positives – even on their worst day!

1. Train your brain: Your brain has a negativity bias, so it’s crucial to focus on your positive side.


2. Stay kind: When you perform an act of kindness for someone, both you and the person benefit.


3. Be an optimist: Recognize that temporary set backs are just that – temporary.


4. Think small: Build confidence by making small goals and recognizing every single day.


5. Live your life purpose: Look ahead and make plans. Making progress towards your assets– great sense of humor, lovely smile – to help you aim for success every day. recipient feel good which leads to positivity bouncing back and forth between you. this way helps build a more positive state of mind. achievement. vision will give you a sense of satisfaction and boost your positivity.


6. Get perspective: Think about life in more flexible terms. Negative beliefs can turn into negative feelings.


7. Cherish love: Love is the queen of positive emotions, but for a relationship to truly benefit it has to be cherished.


8. Thank-you Therapy: Take some time at the end of every day to think about what’s gone well in your life and be grateful.


9. Bring the Fun Factor: Do what you love – the fun, enjoyable and healthy things in life.


10. Do it for you: Having positive motivations for success maximizes your chances. ‘Intrinsic motivation’ is where you’re motivated to do something for its own sake and is more likely to work than an extrinsic motivation.

Shhhhut down fat talk

Physical exercise is the easiest way to get a quick fix of positivity. Whether it’s a matter of doing something in doors or outside, choose some form of physical activity that’s a pleasure rather than a pain so you’re more likely to enjoy doing it. If you can make it social then it’s a way of connecting with friends with even more positivity benefits to be had. Just 5 minutes of exercise can be is enough to generate positive emotion.

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