Skincare Sunday’s: Runway Worthy Naturally Radiant Skin!

Watching the emerging haute beauty trends across the continents we have seen that the contemporary standards for beauty are set on celebration of —Minimal, Effortless & Natural Chic. The gorgeousness memo for 2013 and future is clean and clear —Don’t be afraid to play up your natural beauty. To look beautiful and radiant, you don’t need camouflage with layers of makeup —or tons of time and money. Natural is always such a chic look. Plus, it is so great to let your skin breathe.

Naturally glamorous no makeup, skincare!

Nothing spells beauty like –flawless radiant & smooth skin, sexy sultry pout, and long luscious lashes. Looking your optimal best can be real easy; all you have to do is learn how to enhance your natural —God given focal features— and using skin, lips, and eyes as your best accessories.

But before, we start talking specifics it’s important to learn the fundamentals —meaning —Know Thy Skin Type. Always use products appropriate for your skin type.

For Perfectly Smooth Flawless Skin

  • Use a face wash with alpha or beta hydroxy acid. Using a washcloth or brush delivers extra smooth skin
  • A hydrating mask used once a week adds extra glow to the skin
  • Balance your skin pH with a skin appropriate (oily, dry or normal skin) toner
  • Always finish off with a skin appropriate moisturizer
  • For that extra radiance use a scrub with skin polishing beads, fruit acids or enzymes once or twice a week

For an Even Toned Alabaster Skin

  • Use sunscreen SPF 50+ through out the year
  • If you’re prone to pigmentation or freckles use a bleaching cream with Vit. C, kojic acid, and bear berry extract
  • Use a multi-oxidant (vitamin) product daily to get that healthy glow

For That Sexy Sultry Pout:

  • Use lip-moisturizing balm regularly
  • An amino acid based lip hydrating and plumping product can set you up with that naturally enhanced pout
  • If all else fails a touch of hyaluronic acid can do wonders for thin lips

For Those Dreamy Dramatic Long Lashes

  • Condition and protect your lashes with glycerin or castor oil
  • Amino acid based eyelash enhancers help you grow natural & beautiful long lashes in 3-4 weeks with zero side effects

Don’t Ignore The Beauty Inside Out Basics

  • Eat healthy: vegetables, fruits and proteins
  • Drink plenty of water 1-2 liters daily
  • Catch at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid sugars

Embrace your natural beauty! Practice these gentle, back-to-basics skincare moves and confidently look your best.

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Shazia Ali
A certified dermatologist, Skincare guru to the who's who of the Middle East, Dr. Shazia knows the secrets of anti-aging, the insider tips and tricks on how to achieve healthy, beautiful radiant skin and everything in between. Currently the brand Ambasador for University of Westminster, and the head Dermatologist at Tababa Clinics.

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