Collagen —The Youth Code!

“COLLAGEN”— we hear this word every day in skincare adverts in the print, and in the media! Is there anything the amazing collagen can’t achieve? Younger, more plumped, and fresher looking skin — it’s the production of collagen or lack of it that is the key factor in how our outside layer appears.

Collagen is a key component in the structure of skin and other connective tissues in the body that maintains firmness and elasticity of skin. Up to 70% of protein in the body is collagen. Throughout our youth we naturally produce enough collagen to keep skin elastic and supple, however, from the age of 25 and onwards our ability to restore and synthesize new collagen decreases and it does so at a rate of about 1.5% per year.

Supple Skin & Collagen: Skin smoothness is determined by three components collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin together they combine to create a firm, spongy meshwork under the skin surface responsible for its appearance. The reduction of these components and particularly collagen eventually leads to signs of ageing — fine lines, loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone and sagging skin.

Once your skin no longer springs back into position when pinched it is definitely time for a little therapy!

Topical Collagen Treatments

An array of anti ageing creams are available in the market with varying results, some containing collagen to plump up the thinning skin and some promising to built new collagen in the dermis. Skin has a fascinatingly complex structure with the ability to protect against external environment (harmful- bacteria, allergens, UV light etc), manage nutrient levels, and water loss. One of the important functions of the skin is to act as a barrier i.e. every molecule that enters or leaves the body through skin is tightly controlled that’s why everything applied to the skin externally cannot penetrate through. Advanced skincare cosmecuticals are coming up with unique ways to transport active ingredients into the skin by utilizing ultra small sized particles or nanotechnology, and some products are focused on production of collagen within the dermis using vitamin A, C & peptides that stimulate collagen production. Studies have shown that only 1% or less of the active product actually reaches under the skin with the current cosmecutical formulations. —The impact of cosmecuticals on keeping collagen levels optimal may not very profound but they are definitely a part of the solution.

Injectable Collagen

Injectables used to plump up skin have become a mainstream and most skin clinics offer the services for their clients. The injectable market is growing fast and new products are being introduced into the market frequently. Collagen is till date the oldest and best-known cosmetic filler. Newer natural and synthetic products are available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Injecting cosmetic fillers helps to fill out the aging thinned meshwork of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen injections are broken down naturally by the body and need to be repeated two to four times per year.

Nutri-cosmecuticals & Collagen: Finally the industry is turning to nutri-cosmecuticals, beauty from the inside out. Collagen tablets have been around for a while but now collagen drinks are at the forefront of this trend. Studies have shown that taking collagen as a drink can give you up to 20–30 times the potency of tablets. This is quite simply adding extra ingredients to your diet to supplement what you are missing out on.

The deterioration of skin has been linked directly to specific amino acids within the skin’s structure, like alanine, glycine, hydroproline and proline; which decrease with age and bad diet & lifestyle. Supplementing levels of collagen from the inside out can provide your body with the missing element and hence improving your skin.

Let Me Introduce You To An Age Defying Beauty Drink — Thalgo’s Collagen Booster

The Collagen Booster is a food supplement based on marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant complex, vitamins and selenium. This unique formulation, with a daily serving of 1000 milligrams of collagen has been created for maximum effect using marine sourced collagen rather than bovine as it is believed to be more bio available. The results are not just for the face, it treats every inch of your body to the soles of your feet. When you ingest any product, it is important to insure that it is safe and effective; Thalgo Collagen Booster’s ingredients have scientifically proven efficacy and the formulation is certified by the European Food Safety Authority.

With few days of use the skin becomes more hydrated and plumped as the amino acids within the collagen pass through the lower intestine and straight in to the blood stream. Users have noticed results as early as nine days post use, no doubt these new formulations are becoming a must have on many beauty editors shopping lists.

Prescribed Dosage: One ampoule (one shot) daily for ten days. Repeat course after six months. Two Courses in a year brings your body collagen levels to optimal.

The Bottom Line


The best strategy for youthful skin is a combination of good diet, sun protection, good moisturizer, & antioxidant rich skincare daily regimen. And a little top up from a good qualitycollagen drink packed with selenium, vitamins and antioxidants can give you that extra skin plumpness.

The collagen drink concept looks promising and has gotten rave reviews from the market but scientifically speaking, more research is needed before we can be sure of the quantifiable results in facial rejuvenation, although the selenium, multivitamin and antioxidants complex in the Thalgo product would definitely help your skin.

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