Skin Brightening and Whitening with Royce Derma

Skin brightening with Royce Derma

Skin lightening and bleaching are not only trendy in the Middle East and in Asia but is also a normal part of most people’s skincare regimens. Men and women consider perfectly porcelain complexion in high regard as a standard of beauty and to achieve flawlessly light skin, they often use an array of bleaching products on their skin including the toxic hydroquinone and bleach-mixes with corticosteroids.

Agreed – the milky Snow White skin tone is considered elegant, fashionable and desirable here, but logic dictates that skin health and safety should come first. In the last few years, dermatologists and the cosmetic industry have been trying hard to give the people safe skin lightening products that not only give them the desired skin complexion, but at the same time help nourish and condition the skin.

Today I am going to introduce you to the concept to skin lightening and conditioning with a mask that will give you a Med-Spa like skin toning experience at home.

Bio-Cellulose Whitening Face & Neck Mask – Skin lightening with double Hydration

Anatomy Of Bio-Cellulose Whitening:
• Delentigo – enzyme involved in melanin synthesis/fights skin marks and aging of the skin
• Lemon extract – revitalizes skin and helps prevent cell degeneration. It also has stimulant and tonic properties to boost cell renewal.
• Glycerin – moisturizes dry or sensitive skin
• Fucogel – helps restructure skin/enhances skin softness and firmness

My Experience:


I washed my face with AminoGenesis Really Really Clean face wash and then scrubbed it squeaky clean with ComfortZone’s Active Pureness exfoliating scrub to make sure that my skin is squeaky clean and ready to absorb the benefits of the Royce Whitening mask. According to the instructions on the box I opened the peelable mask, inside the aluminium sachet, and I found the Biocellulose mask between a nylon sheet and a blue, non-woven sheet. After successively removing those protective coverings I took the biocellulose mask between my thumb and forefinger and applied to my forehead; it needed some adjustment around eyes and mouth area. Once the mask was on properly, I gave it 20 minutes to moisturize and rejuvenate my face. The first thing I felt after applying the mask was the cool, calming sensation that soothed my skin for as long as I had the mask on. There was no smell (good or bad), the mask felt like a rich silk covering and my skin felt comfortable and soothed under the mask. After twenty minutes I peeled the mask off my skin without washing.

Looking In The Mirror:

I saw my skin looking more radiant & supple just after one twenty minute treatment. Next morning I woke up looking radiant and since then I have a smile on my face. I’d recommend everyone to try the mask and join me in experiencing a great treat for skin and complexion.

My Conclusion:

This mask is effective, natural and safe. It delivers skin brightening and lightening while conditioning and nourishing your skin too.

To achieve an even brighter skin use Royce Whitening Day Cream daily to keep your skin pigmentation tendencies under check. This cream is for people with normal, dry and sensitive skin types. People with oily or combination skin should use an oil free skin brightening serum or gel like – Iklen serum or BC Ceuticals L-Ascorbic acid 15% serum. Daily use of sun screen with UVA & B filters according to your skin type will ensure your skin stays clear, luminous and pigmentation free.

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Shazia Ali
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