Spring/Summer Nails – Perfect Colors To Wear This Season

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Nails are such an important part of how you look. Well tended-to hands and a good manicure, go a long way in improving your general appearance, even if you’re not one for “dressing up”. Summer for me, is the perfect time to make the most of the bright skies, blossoming flowers, sunshine, beachy vibes, pastels, strappy clothes and peepy-toed sandals, versatile sunnies and a sun-kissed tan.

Even if you, like most desi women of yonder don’t experiment much with nail color the year round, summer time is about as safe as it gets to wear those pastels.

Most of us are olive-skinned or deeper in complexion and shy away from those pops of color for fear that it’ll just stand out too much on your skin and draw attention to you. Instead, we stick to the same ol’ maroons, reds, pinks and browns (balk!)

I think 2015 is the year to finally push our stereotypes behind and welcome change and color into our lives, and nails!

Read on for my picks of very wearable colors for desis of every skin tone, this season!

Corals :


Indulge, indulge, indulge! Truly, if there was ever the best time to wear corals – summer would be the answer, one hundred percent of the time.

This color is SO flattering on desis, that you would actually be surprised at the finished result. Every single one of us can carry off this color on our nails. It’s peachy, feminine, and goes extremely well with that tan that you’ll inevitably get by May.

Colors we recommend – Korres Coral Pink Nail color , OPI Nail Laquer Brazil Collection NLA 69, Tom Ford Nail Laquer in Coral Beach


Soft Nudes :


There’s something about balancing your bright summery floral outfit with a soft nail color that looks like your skin, but better.

Too- light nudes can wash your skin out so make sure you choose a nail polish that’s actually closest to your skin color.

It isn’t a nude till it actually looks like your nails are wearing no color on them, so choose wisely girls.

Tip – Use some versatile chunky accessories to wear on your hands to avoid looking too dull. Nudes always look best when complemented with pops of color.

Colors we recommend – Deborah Lippmann Modern Love, Chanel Rose Cache #521 , Dior Sienna #526


Baby Blues :


The whole “blue is for boys” thing is just too wrong, on so many levels. Blue has been one of my favorite colors and I think a soft blue with the right undertone, lends a very genteel look for those beach dinners in your sarong or those white-on-white days at the club with neon sunnies.

Again, what looks good on another skin tone on pinterest isn’t going to look as good on your skin, especially if you’re really warm-toned. Opt for matte blues rather than pearly finishes, for best results.

Colors we recommend – YSL #50 Bleu Celadon, Sally Hansen Barracuda, Revlon Blue Lagoon


Hot Pinks :


Bring out the shades ‘cause hot pinks are all the rage this season. Wear it on your nails, on your lips or even on your feet. You just can’t go wrong sporting a hot flush of pink this time of the year.

A safer choice for most of us, our skin tones are very adaptable to this somewhat desi hue of color that just pops on our golden skin. It shows even better with a tan! Don’t shy away – go for bright bright BRIGHT !

Colors we recommend – Zoya Layla, Lakme Color Crush #18, Street Wear Color Rich #42 Fairytale Romance, Essie Nails Hot in the Heat


Sea Greens :


Or anything in the turquoise family. Blues and greens or a combination of these colors work great when paired with whites.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also wear them with any other color and color block till you’re sated.

Again, this color is extremely flattering on desi skin – bonus points if you’re light-eyed (and a load of envy as well) . Both golds and silver metallics can be layered with this nail color.

Colors we recommend – Deborah Lippmann She Drives me Crazy, LA Girl Flare Jade Green, Sephora Ocean Love Potion

White :



Good ol’ white nail color sets off bronzed skin perfectly. The more you’re tan, the better this color looks. White nail color looks best when it is applied matte with a clear-gloss topcoat on deeper skins and with a bit of a pearly finish looks great on paler skin.

White nail colors can be tricky though ‘cause they draw a lot of focus to your hands. A pair of well-manicured hands, shaped nails and smooth, non-flaky cuticles are mandatory if you’re to sport white nails.

Colors we recommend – Any pure white nail color should do. Thrifted ones look good too, just don’t wear them too often or you’ll damage your nails.


I hope this post was helpful ladies, do keep in mind to take care of any chipped polish or uneven nails before heading out though. Leave your comments below!

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