Astute Beauty Rituals Of A Rising Star — Sonam Kapoor

With a life mantra: “Think right, eat right, be happy and feel beautiful from within, as that is what reflects on your face”, Sonam has her head in the right place and her skin in perfect shape. This smart beauty has learned early in life that eating right nourishes skin from inside out and avoiding sugars, carbs and junk food prevents damage related to glycation and antioxidants. Regular exercise and keeping a happy prospect in life floods body with endorphins (happy hormones) making you infectiously beautiful, and flipside to that stress overloads body with cortisol hormone (hormone of death), which deteriorates skin and body. Personally I am a big fan of Ms. Kapoor’s discipline in taking care of her skin and body and would prescribe anyone and everyone to follow her beauty rituals and healthy skincare routine.


News Flash — Great Skin Wraps Around A Healthy Body

Healthy lifestyle is a major contributing factor towards healthy skin and fit body. To maintain her skin gorgeous and silhouette svelte Sonam starts her day with a health boosting glass of hot water dosed with honey and lime juice to flush toxins out from her system. This diva works out daily, in fact her day starts with jogging and later during the diurnal course she practices yoga, dancing, and cardio mixed with weight training. To further push her active routine, she swims and plays squash 2-3 times every week. All this positive physical activity gives her enough endorphins to radiate proud with a healthy glow.




Clock Work — Follow The Daily Rhythm Of Skincare

Young healthy skin requires a simple and basic cleansing, toning, and moisturizing skincare routine, which Sonam follows like a religion day in and day out. She understands the importance of removing makeup before going to bed, and uses an eye makeup remover to gently remove the smoky eye makeup and mascara and finishes off by washing her face with Cetaphil cleanser. To perpetuate supple and hydrated skin she uses an intense moisturizer and eye cream every night. Sonam also is a fan of traditional folklore-beauty recipes and reportedly uses milk as an astringent, gram flour (besan), and curd to nourish and condition her skin every now and then.


Vital Skincare Mantra — Moisturize, Moisturize, & Moisturize Some More

Moisturizing your skin is the best way to keep looking young for longer, is a mantra that not only Sonam Kapoor follows, but it is also a universal skincare wisdom that most celebrities live by. Invest in a good moisturizer that suits your skin type, it doesn’t have to be expensive; it only has to be something that works well for your skin type. While living in air-conditioned atmosphere, replenish your moisturizer every 2-3 hours at least. At night wash and moisturize at least half hour before sleeping so that your skin absorbs it and you do not end up smearing all that moisturizer on to your pillow. To further keep her body and skin hydrated from inside out, Sonam relies on sipping coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice.


Daily Defense — Keep Your SPF Shields UP

This gorgeous diva reportedly never leaves home without a protective layer of sunscreen. To save time Sonam relies on a moisturizer with a sunblock with SPF 30+. If you want your skin to look clear, radiant and at the same time defy aging, sunscreen is a must-have. As a skin expert I cannot stress enough on the importance of using sunscreen whether it is sunny or cloudy, summer or winter. The UV rays of the sun can create havoc on your skin in all weathers and leave you with pigmented, patchy unhealthy and unattractive skin. So invest in a good sunscreen with UVA & B protection and you will be doing your skin and your complexion a huge favor.


An Aesthetic Whisperer — Can Give You A Leg Up On The Rest

Maintaining wonderful skin requires dedication and a little help from the experts. This beauty conscious diva mollycoddles her skin regularly with complexion boosting rituals with cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Rekha Seth.

Most people look at stars and celebs and wonder why they look so gorgeous and a grade above the rest, now you know exactly why — it takes dedication, correct skincare know how and constant effort for any silver screen siren to dazzle and shine on and off camera. But, now that you know what it takes to achieve that glow, I’d say starlet glow can be yours easily for the price of committing to the resolution. Practice healthy and be Gorgeous!

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