A Peek Into Kat’s Skincare & Beauty Habitude

Looking spot-on and radiantly glamorous on screen is part and parcel of every celeb’s job description, but Katrina Kaif is one exceptional beauty that never looks haggard or drawn, be it when she’s running day-to-day errands or while being spotted jet setting across the globe. So how does this diva manage to maintain that natural, everyday glow all the time?

Here’re some of Ms. Kaif’s skincare secrets that might surprise you, hang on to your seats and take notes coz this beauty radiates salubrious skincare sense.


“Beauty Is Not Just How One Looks On The Outside But How Healthy You Are From The Inside”, Katrina whole heartedly believes in this holistic beauty mantra.


Hydrate: In order to maintain a healthy glow in her skin, she starts her day by drinking four glasses of water on empty stomach. To keep herself hydrated she further consumes copious amounts of water throughout the day.


Diet: Overall, she believes it is important to eat healthy and work out regularly to stay in shape and look radiant. She indulges in macrobiotic diet and consumes fresh boiled vegetables as well as fruits every two hours. She completely avoids carbohydrates and eats food rich in fibers. She also loves her grilled fish, the benefits of which constantly impart healthy shine on her skin and hair.

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Supplements: To enhance her skin’s beauty and slow down the aging processes through internal cleansing and detoxification, she takes supplements of acai berry and wheat grass powder. She also sips on green tea; which is full of antioxidants and keeps ageing signs like wrinkles at bay.


Sun Protection: Katrina proudly confesses that she never steps out of her house without applying a moisturizing sunscreen. She uses Peter Thomas Roth Max Daily Defense Moisture Cream SPF 30 to protect her skin from the harmful UV ray.



Makeup Habits: Katrina knows how important it is to look good but she does not believe in wearing layers and layers of make-up. Instead, she prefers a natural look with a dash of kohl, mascara and some lip balm. She rarely wears any makeup when she isn’t shooting.


Another important thing she swears by is never going to bed with make-up on. She makes it a point to always remove every speck of make-up before going to sleep, which lets the skin breathe and stay young.


Skin Conditioning: Before applying any make-up, she rubs an ice cube kept in a muslin cloth over her face, to prep her skin. Ice gives skin a fresh dewy feel that makes skin look radiant even without any makeup on and if you apply makeup on afterwards it makes makeup last longer. This ritual also helps tighten pores and reduces acne and inflammation.


Specialized Skincare: She believes in following a good skincare regimen and uses products like: Shu Uemera Cleansing Beauty Oil, Mene & Moy Face Wash, La Prairie Night Cream, Mineral Mud Face Packs and Balancing Apricot Kernel Oil by Anne Semoin, all of which help her in keeping beauty woes like acne, and pigmentation at bay.


A Little Help From The Doctor: A touch of hyaluronic acid in lips or the right place in cheeks has done wonders for bringing the golden proportions of her face from naturally pretty to drop dead gorgeous. Aesthetic medicine can work

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