10 Ways to Fight Those Wrinkles!

See those 50 year olds that don’t seem to have a trace of wrinkly skin and wonder why? We’ll tell you the top 10 reasons some people are able to fight the effects of old age.

1. Sun Protection

The biggest cause of wrinkles is sunlight. To counter the harmful rays, be sure to wear appropriate levels of sunscreen every day, winter or summer! This will help prevent your skin from aging prematurely, and will guard against burning.

2. Quit smoking

Cigarettes strip your skin of oxygen and further speeding up the process of aging by slowing down the regeneration of new cells. It can leave your skin grey and cause fine lines around the mouth due to constant pursing of lips.

3. Cleanse



A lot of us tend to believe that cleansing our skin deeply will leave it dry. However, to give yourself fresh and youthful skin, it’s necessary to cleanse deeply and ensure your skin is clear of dead skin cells. Never forget to take off your makeup – I tend to get lazy too, sometimes, but if only we knew how much damage that one night of makeup could do… Keep cotton buds and makeup remover as close to your bed as you possibly can!

4. Moisturize

By moisturizing your skin effectively, you can boost your skin’s water levels weekly. Either use a nourishing facemask, or apply a thick layer of your usual moisturize or night cream. Whichever you choose, leave on the skin for 5-10 minutes and remove excess with a cotton swab.

5. Circulate

Increase the blood flow to your skin by exfoliating your face once weekly. When using a face wash, encourage cell renewal and blood circulation by lathering the cleanser using a clean shaving brush.

6. Cover up Lines

Not a very natural tip, but disguise lines by using the right foundations, concealers and powders. Opt for light-reflecting ones that contain luminescent particles to bounce light away from your skin, making them less noticeable.

7. Pamper

Remember to treat your skin from time to time with pampering facials, serums and anti-aging creams.

8. Weather Conscious

Different weather conditions can strip your skin of essential moisture, leaving it dry and more prone to damage. Make sure you moisturize regularly and change your products according to the season.

9. Be Gentle

Don’t drag your skin, especially when applying skincare products or makeup. The skin around your eyes is most prone to show the signs of aging. Always be gentle and take your strokes upwards rather than dragging it down.

10. Eat Well

There are lots of foods that fight the effects of aging. Drink tons of water and maintain a regular routine that lets you sleep at least 8 hours every night.

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