Slim your Face with the Magic of Contouring!

How to do contouring

Once we wear foundation, we ALL need contouring to rebuild the natural cuts in our face unlike a flat canvas that foundation makes!



Take a tissue paper, fold it and put it on the side of your lips. Take it all the way to the middle of your ears and run brown eye shadow, or any eye shadow that’s darker than your foundation in skin tone. Start from the side of your ear and bring it down towards your lips while holding your paper in the other hand. Stop just before your lips with the gap oftwo fingers, that is the place for your cheek contour. Now, you remove your paper, take a nice blush colour and run over it. Finish it with the highlight colour around your eye area.



1. Apply 2-3 shades darker colour on your cheeks, and using the paper between your ears and lips will help you not go all over your face with the contouring colour to give you a fine shape.

2. Then, you put the blush and highlight your cheeks which is important as it will help the contouring to stand out more. Be sure to use your brushes in an upwards direction to get that face lift effect.



I always find that the dark lines over the bridge are more tricky and should only be used to make your nose bridge only, so if your nose already has a thin bridge, please don’t put any contouring shadow, just highlight your nose with some pear drops or off-white/ivory colour.


The chin is the easiest in contouring!

Simply lift your face up a little bit and look down with your eye to give you a clearer idea of where your chin needs the contouring. Stroke it starting from your jaw area downwards towards your neck so it doesn’t end up looking like a day shave for men or something, lol – be careful not to overdo it!

Last but not least, a bonus tip for the receding hair line…

Hide your week’s hair loss by using the same contouring brush and colour, and running it on the hair line on your forehead. This will also soften the hard edges of foundation and create a 3D effect on your face .



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