DIY Lipstick Palette

I’m probably not alone when I confess to be guilty of hoarding one lipstick too many in my handbags. Not only do I lose my lipsticks like this, they break, get lost, melt in the heat and take up space. Here’s a very simple DIY to create your own custom lipstick palette so you can take as many lipsticks as you would like, on the go, without crowding your handbag. This is perfect for MUA’s who travel for their assignments, and find it difficult to lug around an entire case of lipsticks!

What you’ll need

An empty palette / container / pill box


A couple of lipsticks

NARS Holiday 2013 Lipsticks

A candle


A metal spoon and knife



Step 1 – Cut off a small portion of your lipstick using the metal knife. Choose how much you want to cut off keeping in mind the depth of your container.


Step 2 – Put the piece of lipstick that you just cut off on the metal spoon, and slowly melt it over a candle flame. The reason you want to use a candle flame instead of doing it over the stove or in the microwave is because it is easy to burn lipstick and having the spoon in your hand means you can keep a check on the amount melted, or remove immediately if necessary.


Step 3 – Pour the now melted lipstick carefully into your container, making sure not to spill extra, and let it set! Repeat this quick and easy procedure for as many lipsticks as you would like, and voila, you have your very own customized lipstick palette!


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