Why Bollywood is Beyond Logic

Bollywood logic

Bollywood is beyond any logic, reason or answers (which means it is really lajawab!). Some (okay I am underestimating here) Bollywood movies really assume the audience to be downright dumb by showing totally illogical (but still very funny storylines and scenes). Captured here, a few such logic that go beyond all reasons.

Please do not use your minds while reading this post:


1.The Bhoot logic

Bollywood Logic 1

2.Hum sab ekhain, unekta main ekta(unity in diversity)

Bollywood Logic 2

3.Finding true love always means catching a train , clad in heavy dress material and jewellery and choosing the further door

Bollywood Logic 3


4.Indian Bollywood wives’ are really naive and innocent, so innocent that they can’t even recognize their own husband if he comes without a mustache

Bollywood Logic 4


5.We love singing and dancing in our movies and when we break into a impromptu dance performance, there are several hundreds of performers at our back matching our steps

Bollywood Logic 5

6. Like I said, we love song and dance and sometimes use them to replace stories in our movies (guess what we get away with it as well!)

Bollywood Logic 6

7. Brotherhood runs I our veins, we can see a brother well from 4000 ft. down

Bollywood Logic 7


8.Logic what’s that?

Bollywood Logic 8

Have more Bollywood Un-logics…share them with us!


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