Beauty Basics To Look Flawlessly Fresh In the Scorching Summer Heat !

Summer beauty tips

Welcome to the social age – where instagram filters and advanced editing options make a picture look SO flawless, you can’t help but gawk. But what about offline ? Living in the tropics, we women see the summer heat as the devil’s advocate himself. And why not ? Bleeding lipsticks, sweaty hair and a makeup base that melts off your skin like butter (not in a good way either ) , summers are the real struggle for us desi girls.

What about when you need to head out to an afternoon date or a brunch ? Imagine walking in like you’re the sole survivor from a holocaust battle !

There are women who love wearing makeup , and then there are those who choose not to, so while the choice is yours; we’re going to give you some tips from our little black book to look fine even amidst desert-like conditions. Read on !

Stay hydrated –

I know it sounds overrated but really, your skin needs water almost as much as your body does. At higher temperatures, the body sweats to cool itself and you could end up dehydrated if you don’t compensate by drinking adequate amounts of water ! Also, when you’re blissfully hydrated, it shows !


Exfoliate often –

Nothing is as unpleasant as clogged pores. Heat results in increased sebum production, which can lead to acne , ingrowths and boils (ew!) Use a mild exfoliant thrice a week from a trusted brand, or make your own with finely ground rice powder and lemon juice. Your skin will glow!


Careful makeup choices –

That dewy finish foundation that you rocked last winter may not be the same this summer, you could end up looking like a grease ball !

Skip the foundation if possible, use a good concealer and top off with loose powder instead.


Bleeding color –

The next on the avoid list after a heavy foundation, are cream blushes and lipsticks that tend to feather or bleed.

I usually use a good chubby stick, matte balm or a nice lip liner topped with gloss for the summers. The look isn’t too severe, neither does it wash me out or fade away as is the case with just lip glosses.

If bold eye makeup is your forte, always use a primer to avoid creasing and smudging of color. In fact, opt for a clean base as much as possible, eliminate gritty and shimmer based products.


Hair –

One word – Humidity! Probably the biggest horror story of summers is hair that gets sweaty and matted to your scalp. I usually carry dry shampoo in my bag and visit the ladies room to give myself a fresh spritz before a class, or a meeting.


Smell good –

Layering your lotion, deodorant and perfume to keep smelling fresh throughout the day is the best trick in the book. Some of us often spray mist multiple times in the day – that works great too. Do make sure your perfume isn’t overpowering or too strong though. Something fresh and floral works best for the day. Save the bold musks and exotic scents for evenings. Victoria’s Secret ‘s range of body mists are light, fresh and feminine – try ’em out !


Outfits –

Cotton pants, khaadi kurtis and lawn suits can be your best friends for comfort and style this season. They keep you cool, look chic and need almost no effort to carry off. Wear a pretty pair of peep-toes to go with your outfit and don some sassy sunnies for a day date.


Essentials –

Carry tissues, a sanitizer, compact powder and body mist with you, you can never go wrong. I also keep some mints handy just in case my mouth feels dry or dehydrated.

The basics to look good despite the weather are to shower regularly, stay hydrated and maintain your skin and hair – grooming is so important especially in the summer heat. Spend a few extra minutes each morning on your appearance if you have to, it’ll definitely pay off.

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