Top 10 Things to Do While You Are Still 20!

It is difficult to maintain and follow lists while you are on the fast riding horse of your 20’s but if you are the one who hates to regrets maybe it will be good to keep these points in mind while you are still enjoying the awesome 20’s and before you get Busy/ married/ occupied/ parent etc (though all of them mean the same thing)


1.Travel abroad:

Make a list of the top places you want to visit outside your country and make sure to tick off a few before like I said you get married or busy.

10 thing to do when 20_1



2.Try some adventure sports:

Try at least one adventure sport now. You don’t know if you will have the energy or the courage or the permission /from your better half of course) to carry it outlater.

10 thing to do when 20_2


3.Date a stranger:

Sounds exciting, well who is stopping you from trying it out?

10 thing to do when 20_3


4.Go on a road trip with a big gang doesn’t matter known nor unknown

10 thing to do when 20_4

5.Learn to play at least one instrument:

It will not only be a new skill for you but will also be a cool thing to do and will make you popular among your friends.

10 thing to do when 20_5

6.See three movies back to back:

This is one thing you can do only in your 20’s because you will be too wise and logical in your 30’s to consider putting so much time doing unproductive work.

10 thing to do when 20_6


7.Participate in a flash Mob:

Flash mobs are fun and great places for making new friends and trying out your crazy dance moves.

10 thing to do when 20_7


8.Get your hair coloured funky:

Really really funky with two, three colours. Believe me this is one thing you will find hard to do once you get a job.

10 thing to do when 20_8


9.Write a love letter:

It will be worth a laugh and a good read after 50 years.

10 thing to do when 20_9



10.Live in a hostel:

Hostel life can be loads of fun and you will remember the days (and the never ending nights) for years to come. It is also the place where the most special friendships and bonds are formed.

10 thing to do when 20_10





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