We Are Like This Only

Asians are unique and well known for their quirky mannerisms and habits all over the world. They are hard to miss quite literally with around 5% of the population in UK and Canada comprising of this community. But no matter where we live, we carry our origins in our heart and our rather funny habits as our characteristic mark. This is what we just can’t help doing:

1. Our kitchen cupboards have plastic containers of all possible shapes and sizes. They even outnumber the actual groceries that need to be stored in them.

We are like this only 1


2. But our love for plastic doesn’t end here as we believe plastic is the best solution to enhance the life of every product. So we cover our car seats in plastic sometimes for years and even more if people don’t complain.

We are like this only 2


3. We love bargains, discounts, end of month sales, reductions et all. We can go to any length to get the 2 Rs reduction on our vegetable purchase.

We are like this only 3


4. We believe in efficient Resource management. Toothpaste tubes, ketchup bottles, everything is squeezed till we get the last damn drop out of it.

We are like this only 4


5. We love to discuss important issues like Katrina kaif’s hot new item number, Deepika’s new love and super serious issues like the latest cricket match scores.

We are like this only 5


6. That is not all, we are the friendly lot, we easily strike up conversations with strangers on the street , buses and metros and ask them where they bought their cute handbag, what is our marital status, when will we have kids, you know the casual chit chat.

We are like this only 6b



7. We are known for our punctuality. We start exactly at 8 p.m. for a party supposed to start at 7 p.m.( keeping one more hour for traffic of course) .

We are like this only 7



8. WE have the most happening dressing styles, lungi’s under formal shirts, jeans under kurta’s and sports shoes to formal meetings, we got it all set.

We are like this only 8


Let us know what are your quirky Asian habits are and join the fun!



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