Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe!

It’s finally that time of year to reorganize your wardrobe. We are all victim to buying new outfits fitting to today’s latest trends and let’s face it we don’t really need clothes we’ve collected over the last couple of years. Here are a few tips on how to spring clean that wardrobe:



  • Remove all (yes ALL) of your clothes from your wardrobe and throw that pile right on your bed.

Now, this is where you organize piles…

I like to sort it out in three piles as follows; one for charity, one appropriate for what’s in trend, and the ‘throw away’ pile.

  • All clothes that are worn and deem ‘un-wearable’ go into the pile that needs to be thrown away.
  • The clothes that you don’t really wear don’t have to be there do they? Just taking up space for new items you might desire more and well what’s the use? Put that away in a box for a local charity.


  • This is where it gets fun, try on all the clothes left! If you don’t like the fit then add it to the charity box. If you’re sure the outfit is for keeps, add them to the pile you intend on keeping.
  • After, you’ve organized your clothes take a look at the inside of your wardrobe… Bet it has collected dust bunnies?! If so then wipe the surfaces and make sure the shelves and spaces are clean to avoid dirtying all the spring colors and whites we adore wearing at this time of the year!
  • When putting back the clothes in the wardrobe why not try color coordinating? I like to put all whites in one section, all the darks in another section and all the colors organized in the ‘Color Spectrum’ order. OCD much? Believe me, the system works especially when you’re in a hurry and sure of what items of clothing you have. You want to avoid that whole ‘where was my white cream lace top?!’ whilst frantically panicking and raiding your armoire as though it may have swallowed it!


color coordination

These tips ensure a much tidier and organized wardrobe. One that in future won’t require much work especially with busy lifestyles where we can’t afford to spend much time on organizing nonstop. Its bad enough we have laundry to sort out and it is effective to put that fresh laundry where it belongs! So get on top of your Spring cleaning with starting on your own niche, that bedroom!

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