7 Foods to Fight Constipation

It causes bloating, piles up inches on your tummy and is just overall really a pain. But there are solutions, and they don’t involve pills, just a little bit of paying attention to what you’re storing in your kitchen already and putting them on your plate instead. But first, you need to ask yourself, do you have constipation? Constipation means you go to the bathroom less than three times a week to do the number 2s. A lot of people go at least once a day, but if you don’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re constipated. Less than three times a week however, means it’s safe to say you are suffering from constipation. At one point another, though, we’re all constipated; it’s temporary and it can be shortened.

1. KIDNEY BEANS They’re really high in fibers, and that’s the key in countering constipation. Fiber helps your body break down food so that it’s easier for your intestines to process them and then get rid of it once your body’s done with it. BUT be sure to introduce fibers in limited quantities because there is such a thing as too much of it too quickly. Accompany fibers with more water and you’re good.

2. PINEAPPLE It tastes refreshing and delicious, and is healthy! Try not to buy processed tins that are overflowing with refined sugars and preservatives, instead buy a pineapple and one of those cheap coring tools to actually taste what nature wants you to. Pineapples have an enzyme called Bromelain that helps break down hard to digest proteins, and fights the common symptoms of constipation: gas, bloating, nausea, burping, etc., etc. Eat it in slices, between meals and through the day for best effects!Fight Constipation

3. BERRIES Got a sweet tooth? Fulfill your cravings with healthy options: grab some berries and eat it with greek yogurt and that’s your sensible idea of a low calorie dessert! They’re also brimming with fibers and antioxidants: very good for your anti-constipation diet.

4. WHOLE GRAINS They’re everywhere: cereals, breads, pastas, etc. But don’t pay attention and you could be on a diet devoid of them, so bring them into your life. They’re high in fibers, once again, so be sure to introduce slowly and steadily with tons of water.

5. PRUNES Try healthy dry fruits like prunes that are high in fibers, but also have sorbitol, a type of a natural laxative. Try them as juice if you don’t like eating them, but find what works for you and have them.

6. PEARS Similar to prunes, pears are considered nature’s very own form of laxatives. Since it’s also high on fiber, it stays in your tummy longer and thus, keeps you full for longer – it’s a win-win situation, both for your tummy, and for your intestines.

7. WATER Tons, tons and more tons of water. Water is like the miracle God gave us for everything, yet we don’t value it enough. Dehydration is an important cause of constipation so invest in a nice water bottle and go chug down sufficient amounts of it. Liquids in general are a good idea to get rid of constipation, but try to stay from caffeinated ones.

If you’re suffering from constipation, although these foods should do the trick, do visit a doctor and share your concerns, just in case to make sure everything is going well within your body.

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