Super Model Secrets: How To Wake Up Beautiful!

I have always believed in being beautiful from the inside first, since that is what will reflect on the outside. We generally tend to focus on makeup and fashion, which works to make us look great on the outside, but it is our inside that needs the most attention. I use to take good care of myself since very young (thanks to ammi’s strict guidance :), but most of my routines have evolved since I started modeling some 10 years ago. Its been some journey! I researched a lot, asked experts, my fellow models and artists, and specially my doctor.
So I thought I will share my secret morning routine that I follow without a miss, I will be also be covering more topics (like beauty sleep, pregnancy care) in the coming weeks.
Waking up in the morning should be made special, it is a beautiful morning! Get off your bed (whether you snooze or not) with happy, positive thoughts – this makes a huge difference.
Here is my routine in order, which makes my morning even more special and ready for the world 🙂
  1. Take 15 deep breathes: helps “oxidize” your inside. Breathe slowly and remember the 10-10-10 rule. Count till 10 while inhaling, till 10 while you hold, and till 10 while you exhale.
  2. Wash your face: use a face wash with cold water and let your face air dry (rubbing with towel is harsh on the face), and never scrub your face right after you wake up. If you have open pores then massage them with a ice cube, it helps make them less visible.
  3. Apply sunscreen: always use sunblock or sunscreen even if you are not going out.
  4. Moisturize your face: always use a light moisturize for your face, yes for YOUR face. Make sure you read the label of your skincare products well, and ensure the products are meant for your skin type, your age (so dont use age 40 cream when you are 32 or 21 – it reacts and causes other issues).
  5. The Morning drink: have a big glass of warm/hot water with half a tea spoon lemon and half a tea spoon honey.
  6. Workout: no matter how busy one is, we must work out everyday in the morning even if its for 5 minutes, ideally 20 minutes! Below you will see the charts I follow, and depending on how much time I have, I choose one part of my body per day e.g. Day 1 Arms, Day 2 Legs, Day 3 Back etc. If you are trying to reduce your belly then there is a chart on workout for abdominal area.
  7. Breakfast: the grand finale! Breakfast is a MUST – we should never miss this meal. An egg is a must for me, over a light breakfast.

Like anything, we must form new habits to feel and see the difference and if you are looking to have a beauty morning regiment, I recommend you start one right away.

Have a beautiful morning friends, and ask me if you need more details on any thing in the below comments.

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Mehreen Syed
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