How to Take the Perfect DESI Selfie

If you live on the moon and don’t know what a selfie is well in simple terms it is a type of self-portrait photography typically taken with a hand held cell phone and uploaded to social media.  If you think selfies were invented with the rise in social media, then you’re wrong.  The first known selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius in 1839!  Last year, Oxford English Dictionary crowned “selfie” the word of the year. No doubt, selfies have become a part of our everyday lives.  Read everything you need to know to take the perfect desi selfie!

Step 1: Lighting

The most important element to your selfie is the lighting.  Find your light! The best is to face towards the main light source like a window – sunlight seriously does wonders to how good your selfie looks.  Take a test shot if the lighting looks good then you’re good to go.

Step 2: Background


Actress Neha Dhupia photoshoot images for FHM Magazine, May 2014

Selfie is all about YOU!  Inevitably a bit of background will come into the frame.  It’s important to ensure that the background you pick is clean!  Nobody wants to see the messy bedroom – Look for curtains, solid colored walls or any beautiful background.

Step 3: Angle

Hold the camera and put it in reverse camera mode.  Then extend your arm out, the further the camera is away the better. Holding the camera above your eyes at a 45 degree angle is perfect. Keep your hand steady otherwise your selfie could turn out blurred.  Take some test shots to understand your good and bad angles.  Practice makes perfect!

Step 4: Strike a Pose


Choosing a pose doesn’t mean you need to have a duck face each time!  Get quirky and try some of the classic Bollywood poses such as blowing a kiss, a peace sign, sunglasses down or blowing the smoke off of your gun.  For a fool proof pose that always looks good: hold your camera above your eye level,  turn your face 3/4 to the right and take a vertical portrait shot.  Most importantly smile!

Step 5: Correction Apps


Ever wonder how some girls look like supermodels on their instragam selfies or profile pictures? No, its not a ton of makeup, its photo correction apps! Get rid of pimples, smooth out dry skin, remove an out of place hair! Yes its possible! Here is a list of some of the best photo correction apps available.  If I missed any, please comment below and share what you use.

Facetune, Pixtr, Perfect 365, Photo Makeover, ModiFace Photo Editor, Beauty Booth Pro, Camera + and Filterstorm


Step 6: Choose the Right Filter

Once you’ve smoothed out any imperfections filter you image.  A filter can change your selfie all together, try, test and experiment.  Don’t stick to the same filter every time, change it up!


 Selfie Tips

  • Look thinner by elongating your neck when you pose
  • Close your eyes and then open them slowly right before you take the shot – helps the eyes look bigger and fresh!
  • Vertical = Portrait and Horizontal = Landscape.  Some people look better in portrait shots while others look better in landscape shots.


Selfie Gadgets

Selfies take on a whole NEW level with these interesting gadgets

Hisy: a super compact remote control that can be paired to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.  Just get into the frame and fire the button on Hisy to activate the shutter. The device works with the default iOS camera app and has a range of 90 feet.  Take selfies without any hassle.



Self Shot Stick -is designed to take the perfect selfie.  It has a clamp to attach your phone or camera and a mirror to allow you to preview your shot.  The stick’s length is adjustable from 230mm to 950mm, so distance can also be properly adjusted. If you’re finished using the tool, simply retract the stick, and tuck it away in your purse.




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