How to Avoid Desi Bridal Makeup Disasters

Weddings are stressful with hundreds of different people pouring in, last minute changes of plans and remembering what to pack; the last thing you want is a makeup disaster!

Be an informed bride and plan ahead to avoid a nightmare on your big day!

Disaster #1 – Raccoon Eyes

A wedding is a very emotional time – happy or sad, most brides do shed some tears.  To avoid looking like a raccoon by the time you get to the hotel, make sure you choose waterproof mascara, eyeliner and kohl.  Waterproof eye products won’t budge so no need to worry about a big mess.  They will also resist sweat, incase you get a little sweaty on stage.  Waterproof eye products are a MUST for every bride.  They may get difficult to remove so if your face wash doesn’t work, pack a bit of kitchen oil and remove with a cotton swab.

Disaster #2  – Transformation

Everyone wants to look beautiful on their wedding – it’s one of the most important days of your life!  Don’t use makeup to transform yourself as there is class in natural beauty – you should look like yourself!

Don’t use makeup as a mask – your husband might get scared! 😉

Instead, opt for a makeup look that enhances your natural beauty and features.  There is nothing wrong with a bold lip color or dramatic eyes – just be careful not to let your makeup artist go overboard.  To avoid this happening, it is vital to book a trial with your makeup artist beforehand to test out different looks.



Disaster #3 – A Trendy Blunder

Following fashion trends are fun but remember, as time passes on, fashion changes.  Don’t experiment too much with your makeup look as pictures last a lifetime and you don’t want to look back at your wedding pictures years later and regret your trendy look.

Classic makeup looks are universal and will never go out of fashion.  Surf the net for some inspiration!

Disaster #4 – Shine

Dewy & glowing skin is my personal favorite makeup look – but the golden rule is always choose matte for pictures.  Photographers hate shine as it reflects in photos and can end up looking greasy.  Gloss bounces light similarly.

Go for a shimmery eyeshadow or blush, but keep your lips and face matte.  Also, for a natural glow – use a highlighting powder above your cheekbones.  You’ll appreciate it once you receive your pictures.


                                                 What advice do you have to offer to fellow brides on their big day ?

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