8 Easy Ways to Take the Drama Out of Your Life

If you are going over-board with all the drama happening in your life, wondering why you get attracted to such situations like a moth to the flame, here are eight sure shot ways to cut the crap out and get real.

1. Stop turning small daily problems in life into MAJOR issues

We often see small bumps as major hurdles and react that way for e.g. stop cursing your destiny for being stuck in the wrong lane that doesn’t move instead turn on the radio and listen to some soothing tracks or better yet call your favourite R.J and ask him to suggest you a better route, if you discover a pimple popping up before you step out it is better to rub on some concealer than curse the day.

2. Reduce your time watching Star plus/ Zee/ Sony soap operas

An overdose of these cheesy shows where everyone in the house gets up with the sole motive to plan or scheme against other family members/relatives/neighbours can get to you before you know it. Give yourself a break and go out shopping instead!

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life2

3. Loosen up

Some people go about their daily Life as if they were conducting a military operation. They need everything in order and in perfect sequence but the moment something falls out of plan; they become hysterical and can’t figure out how to handle it. The solution: Some amount of planning is necessary in our everyday life and to a point advisable but don’t allow it to dance on your head. If your plan of going to the movies didn’t work how about some microwave popcorn and your favourite comedy show at home instead?

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life3

4. Stop suspecting your mother/father/sister/Brother/aunt/uncle In Law

A lot of this drama takes place in our own heads because of our own presumptions, preconceived notions, fears, and doubts about certain situations or people in life. Majority of in laws are not there to harass or torture you and on the contrary can be quite helpful and fun.

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life4

5. Expect and Accept Chaos

No matter how much you plan ahead, things will stay go haywire and situations will go out of control. It isn’t so bad though if you expect the inevitable and accept to go with the flow.

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life5

6. Go around with closed Ears

It’s funny how we grow up amidst myriad opinions, advises, suggestions, tips being shoved at us every day from friends, family , relatives, neighbours, strangers and even fellow travellers and still never learn enough to turn a deaf ear to them. Life would be so much simpler if we could just learn to shut out those unnecessary comments and the complications they create in our head.

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life6

We all know how much we love to give advise irrespective of the fact whether we have been asked for it or not. Hear everything (you don’t want to disappoint dear pammi auntyji) but do what you think is appropriate for you.

7. What goes in, comes around

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life7

If there are multiple situations you find yourself being caught in the drama circle, there just might be a reason to step back and ask yourself, if you aren’t the cause for it. Evaluate your actions and make sure you don’t feed into such situations with your reactions.

8. Take your lesson and go

8 Sureshot ways to take the drama out of your life8

Some days are plain bad and we seem to be hopping from one drama scene to another. But it is important to remember that it does not matter how many mini fires you out in a day, what is important in the long run is if you fanned them with your reactions or let them be your guiding light by learning from them.

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