How to Endorse Beauty All Over You!

Having spent almost 12 years on the ramp working along top models, seasoned makeup artists, hair experts and photographers, we all seem to be around for one thing in common: more beauty. And one of the questions I get asked a lot: what are my beauty secrets 🙂


I will start by admitting that I just checked the meaning of “beauty” in the Oxford dictionary for the first time just now, just to compare how close or far we both are. Beauty in the actual sense of the word means a combination of qualities, a pleasant being – and to to put this together, for me a woman herself is the epitome of beauty.

There are two sides to this, the inner beauty and the outer beauty; and they both need attention and at times one side may need more attention than the other, but inner would always be more satisfying. I have lots of makeup, skincare, fitness and health tips, but to endorse beauty and confidence on your face and all over you – one must start from the inside.

When a woman is confident and strong from inside, she knows she is beautiful and knows her worth, and it’s contagious as people would also believe her to be beautiful. If a woman doesn’t consider herself to be pretty even though she is beautiful people around would believe the same. No matter what color your skin is, what your size is, and what your features are, all you need is the belief that God has made you beautiful and another secret of being beautiful: make other people believe that too about them. You are beautiful, believe it.


What is inner beauty? In simple terms, its how much respect you give yourself and what you define as happiness on most part.

Everyone has flaws but there is always a margin for improving them or ways to hide them. Of course I have my flaws, but I never complain or discuss them with people; for example, if your skin is not good or you don’t like any of your features etc. dont make it a point of discussion with others, subconsciously you will register this in their minds and yours.

Here is a personal list that I use for myself to feel beautiful from the inside and nurture inner-strength with confidence in who I am:

  • First of all, improve your knowledge by reading books and browsing through different blogs and forums. The more knowledgeable you are, the better you can communicate with all sorts of people and different types gatherings
  • Talk less, even if you know the answer let people finish their point and then start yours. It shows that you are wise. Women are sensitive and sometimes while talking they expose their inner feelings. The more you talk the greater you reveal your inner self, be wise about it thats all – we MUST talk to survive 😉
  • Always discuss positive things with your peers, family members and friends. Stop discussing your problems with other people; only be open to those who have a solution to your issues. Life these days is too busy and everyone has his or her own problems to deal with, share happiness with people, share personal stuff with that close one or two only.
  • Don’t advise people until and unless they ask for.
  • If someone appreciates your beauty, take it as a compliment to who you are – not how you look. Train your brain, its just rewriting the code up there.
  • A confident women’s being speak louder than her words. Confidence is not loud or boastful. In fact, it is often gentle, quiet and always humble.
  • Always smile, it shows your inner strength, covers your flaws and always portray a positive self-image to others.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, makeup products and try to create your own style by mixing-and-matching what suits your personality more. Make it a statement!!!


A confident, well-poised self-respecting woman with good etiquettes is the most beautiful woman because at the end of the day, a woman’s inner beauty matters much, much more. If she is beautiful from inside, it will show from outside as well. Do take care of yourself; of your skin, of your body; eat healthy, do exercise regularly and most of all keep smiling radiantly. Every woman should believe that she is the most beautiful and the most unique person in the world and only then others will see it.



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Mehreen Syed
Spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris, Pakistan's top supermodel, CEO of International Fashion Academy, Mehreen Syed is synonyms with global beauty and fashion! Titled Model of the Year with the badge of over 100 magazine covers worldwide, Syed's most revered passion is to educate and elevate the status of women around her!

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