Anti-Aging “Gangnam-Style”

PSY is not the only global gift we have seen emerge and go viral from Korea, the country’s flare of aesthetics and beauty has placed it in the upper echelons of worldwide beauty industry. Koreans spend a great deal of time and money in nurturing their skin and are known to be very skin conscious. Their love for youthful skin and good looks has led to great discoveries and innovations in the field of aesthetics ranking Korea as one of the prominent leaders in the global cosmetic industry.


Today I’d like to introduce you to an amazing anti-aging technology that my patients and I cumulatively are all gaga over currently. Dispensing youth from the tips of synchronizingly moving needles with a Gangnam style flare,Scarlet RFis a miraculously innovative Korean hi-tech system that delivers fractional radio-frequency (RF) directly and reliably into the dermis promoting collagen buildup, plumping up skin, erasing wrinkles and perking up sagging skin.


I am using Scarlet RF in my practice to improve saggy skin, wrinkles, acne scars, large pores and stretch marks. Minimal downtime, no pain and great safety profile are some of the winning features that have made this treatment very popular among my patients with all skin types. After treatment most people notice improvement in their skin texture within a week or two. The results keep improving further over time, as it takes some time for our body to produce collagen, the tightAnti-Aging-Gangnam-Style-5ening effect and final results are peeked gradually over 2-6 months. The bonus feature of this treatment is that the procedure produces very transient redness and after the treatment you can resume normal activities in a matter of hours.


The Nitty Gritty Of Scarlet Tx


Although the procedure is not very painful, a topical anesthetic is applied before the treatment for added comfort. The procedure takes about 30-40 minutes on the face and a little more on other parts of the body. During the procedure, a hand-piece is used on the face and a set of very fine needles drive painlessly into the skin by a specially designed micro-motor. The depth of the needles is set by the physician and is dependent on the location and condition of the area being treated. Once skin penetration is accomplished, each needle acts as an electrode and emits a pre-adjusted amount of radiofrequency energy, which generates heat throughout the dermis (volumetric tightening).The heat causes subsequent collagen remodeling and new collagen production, which gives the desired therapeutic benefits.


Scarlet was originally designed to treat acne scars, but over time we have seen it truly excel in the realm of skin tightening. It gives obvious and sometimes even dramatic improvement in the nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines (droopy mouth corners), and mid-face sagging. It can also produce a significant brow-lift and some degree of eyelid tightening. All these global changes in the face added together result in a true non-surgical facelift.



Unlike other RF micro-needling devices,Scarlet emits radiofrequency energy throughout the entire length of the needle. As a result it is very advantageous, as it not only causes deep dermal stimulation, but also improves surface texture and reduces pore size significantly. Most people undergoing treatment report a reduction in facial flushing, oil production and some improvement in conditions like melasma.


The aftercare is pretty straightforward too, a simple moisturizer and daytime sunscreen. One can resume any retinoid and fruit acid products in 5-7 days times. Sun avoidance is recommended. Mild side effects include redness and transient swelling which usually last just a matter of a few hours.No serious side effects have been reported in the literature on this procedure. It is not necessary to take time off work.One may resume normal daily activities in a matter of hours.


In my practice I recommend a series of 3-5 bi-monthly treatments for optimal results.Scarlet can be incorporated into any combination treatment protocol for added beneficial effect. I usually combine the Scarlet with chemical peels, Mesotherapy, PRP Vampire facelift, and fractional Co2 laser for treatment of severe scaring and advanced aging.

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