Hairstyles That Look Better On Dirty Hair

Bad hair days?

Who doesn’t have them?

All of us remember those days when we wake up too late and don’t have time to shampoo. Solution ? Opt for some quick easy peasy hairstyles that will let you keep your dirty secret and leave others marvelling at your locks.

Hairstyle 1 : The No-Tie Bun/ Inverted Bun


How often have you tried setting your hair in one place just to have it all slip away? Dirty hair is the best for this no-tie bun. All you need to do is take all your hair into how you would normally gather for a ponytail. Next twist it from the end and roll it around itself. Make a small parting in your hair about two centimetres above the bun and gently, but firmly push the little bun into this section. You could add some hair spray if you have extra silky hair or if you want to tame any flyaways.

Tip – Works best on straightish – wavy hair.

Hairstyle 2 – Beach Waves


This one is the easiest. It also takes the least time possible, promise! All you need to do is wet the length of your hair with a few drops of water and then quickly braid it into a basic braid. Make sure the braid isn’t too loose or you’ll end up with flat waves. Leave this braid on for about an hour and then set your hair free and gently unravel to reveal cute beachy waves! You might want to add some mousse in your hair to avoid the waves looking too diffused.

Tip – Works best on wavy – curly hair. Looks great if you have layers!

Hairstyle 3 – Herringbone Braid


Comb out your hair removing tangles and part your hair into two. Take one strand from the outermost part of one end and cross it over to the other side. Now do the same for the other side. Repeat till you are out of hair. Secure with a tiny hair plastic. Gently pull the hair that’s been braided to make the braid look messy and loose. When done right, this also gives the illusion of thicker hair.
Tip – Make sure the hair sections taken each time to braid the hair are quite tiny, else it will end up looking like a regular braid.


Hairstyle 4 – Low Rolled Updo /Apple Ponytail

Tie your hair into a regular ponytail and secure with a band. Make a tiny section right above where the band is and run your ponytail through this once. You now have an apple ponytail.
If you want. you could a step further and run the remaining hair through this section multiple times or till you run out of hair and it resembles a low bun. Secure with a hairpin.
Tip – Works best with shorter hair lengths.

Hairstyle 5 – Milkmaid Braid


The best way to treat dirty hair is to tie it all up! Comb all your hair to one side of your hair and divide it into two sections – one for the crown and one side ,the other for the back and the other side. Tie them into two separate basic braids and secure with some clear plastic. Now wrap them around your head like your would for a scarf following the natural angle of your face. Secure with some hairpins.
Tip – If you have bangs, flat iron them and let them sit on your forehead instead of including them in the braid, unless you want a very severe look.

Hairstyle 6 – Diva Pony


Your hair needs to be quite thick at the crown to carry this off. Back comb the front part of your hair and add some hair spray. Tease it to give some volume and then comb it into a high pony tail. Use a rat-tailed comb to give it an extra pouf in the front.
Tip – This looks great on uncombed hair too.

Hairstyle 7 – Accessorize!


No matter what you decide to do with your hair, a hair accessory will take your hair from looking drab to fab. Just pop in a bright flower, a jewelled stud or a pretty hair scarf and you’re ready to face the world. Dirty hair don’t care !

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