Workouts While You Are Cooking!

Workout while cooking

Running around all day trying to finish all the chores, get the kids ready and also get all the meals prepared? Many people struggle with fitting in workouts due to our ever increasing busy schedules so sometimes you just need to fit in a few 5 minutes here or there. If I’m really struggling to workout during the week, I take the opportunity to fill in the gaps when I’m in the middle of cooking my meals.

Here are some really great quick workouts!


1. Burpees

I do these while I’m making my morning oatmeal. I do as many burpees as I can in 2 minute increments while my oatmeal is simmering, and then when I take it off the stove, I do another 2 minutes, while I wait for my breakfast to cool down.


2. Reverse Lunges

Waiting for your dinner to finish cooking on the stove but you need to occasionally keep stiring the pot? I do reverse lunges while I take breaks from stirring. This keeps my eyes on the timer and I get to get some exercise time in as well.


3. Calf Raises

Cant take your eyes off the stove or your meal will burn? Well it’s the perfect time to do some calf raises while you make sure your meal is still edible!


4. Incline Pushups On The Counter

Another great filler for time in the kitchen is pushups against the counter. Do as many reps as you can in between the food being cooked and getting the dishes ready to eat.


5. Jump Squats

Cutting vegetables? Take 10 second breaks and do some jump squats in between different vegetables. Make sure to put your knife down and don’t cut yourself!!

Disclaimer: All these exercises are meant to be done with caution. Never do any exercises too close to the stove or with a knife in your hands.

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