The Perfect Split

Split body workout

The training split that is.

So you have been working out for quite some time, and have had some progress in training and following routines and doing all your cardio, however, can’t seem to figure out how to plan your training regime on a day to day basis.


If you are like me, you need a routine. Here is why a routine is important in your workout regime. It creates consistency. From consistency, you can measure progress. From progress, you can tweak weak points in your training or pinpoint your overall problem areas (eg. Abs).

I use a regular split and very rarely change things around. My overall goal is strength and building lean sculpted muscle. So here is how I plan my weekly routine.


Monday: Legs and abs

Tuesday: Cardio and shoulders

Wednesday: Cardio and Abs

Thursday: Back and Cardio

Friday: Legs and abs

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Cardio and Chest


If I’m famished during the week, I will take an extra day off, but try not to take more than 2 days off consecutively as this hinders my progress.


I also add on yoga occasionally to mix things up and might give up a leg day or a chest day to do yoga. It depends on the week and how my progress is looking.


Happy Training!

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Gule Sheikh
The world's first desi Body Building fitness competitor, Gule Sheikh is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a seasoned body builder. Sheikh is dedicated to her body, and yours! Her mantra? What do you have to lose, besides your unwanted pounds!

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