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A lot of our readers had requested a post on Lahore’s top salons, and look what we gave you! Lahore is a beautiful place intermingled with cultures, art and a healthy fusion of nationalities. This is where most of the Shahi kingdoms set their capital in the Early Ages and planned it to be a melting point for culture and tradition.

Today, it is the largest native Punjabi populated city in the world and is home to historical richness and a melange of Indian and Pakistani cultures. As a patron of the arts, Lahore houses some of the best salons and spas with exclusive treatments customized to your needs. In no specific order have a look at our list below. Have you been to any of these yet?

Ather Shahzad Studio

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Who doesn’t know Ather Shahzad? He’s one of Pakistan’s most prominent stylists and photographers. Everyone knows that he creates art like a master hand. He has consistently won several awards and has always remained in the news for his beautifully innovative techniques. Like him, his studio offers the best services to clients, especially brides. But of course, a session here doesn’t come cheap. Prepare to shell out big bucks, but mind you they’re well worth it. The studio offers makeup, hair and styling services. All appointments must be made in advance.

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Mariam Khawaja

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Another favorite on the bridal circuit, Mariam Khawaja specializes in some of the best bridals in Lahore. She is a class act, offering a range of luxury services to help you look your best on D-Day.

A lot of brides who have personally taken up her services have a lot to say about Mariam’s professionalism and her easy demeanor with which she puts her brides at ease.

A package here costs at least PKR 60,000 if you want to get your makeup done by Miriam herself. A package with the senior stylist costs a little less but it is subject to availability.


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Any forum that has women reviewing Madeeha’s is bound to have a HUGELY positive review rate. That’s not just because Madeeha’s is a great place to get your bridal makeup and hair done, but also for other parties and events. Most women consider Madeeha’s to be one of the safest, bankable salons that delivers good results consistently.

The staff are cordial, the clients are made to feel comfortable and the results are – well , extraordinary. In addition to Madeeha herself, her sister Siffat also does beautiful bridals. Their younger sister has also joined them of late and is said to do a good job with pinks and peaches.

Services include Pre- bridal packages, Nikah makeup, Bridal makeup, Valima Makeup etc. Madeeha’s has earned the title of not just being one of the best at her job, but also for being really pleasant and approachable to clients. So it comes as no surprise that this salon has really one of the largest clientele in Lahore.

Toni & Guy Lahore

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The brand needs no introduction. Toni & Guy is a UK-based brand that operates in many countries around the world. One of the most recent deals they’ve introduced is the bridal package which seems to be doing very well with their clientele.

They also offer many special packages for men and offer clubbed deals and discounts from time to time to known clients.

Services include hair and makeup , dupatta setting and reception/baraat makeup. When booking do ask for Sunil at the MM Alam salon who is well-known for his quality of work and gorgeous brides that suit the brides preferences and personality!

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Maram & Abroo

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Print, runways, features and film – all channels have seen the work of this hugely talented duo. Their work ranges from music videos to adverts to fine photography shoots. Winners of several LUX awards, Maram and Abroo have their own salon and studio that offers hairstyling, makeup, style and special makeup for shoots and stage events. You might need to book months in advance if you want the stylists themselves since Maram and Abroo are almost always involved in so many international events and are rarely available at the salon.

The salon offers services for top to toe grooming, styling and hair and nails services. Please look at the contact details below for further information or to make a booking.

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