Luscious Angel Eyes Primer Review and Swatches

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Luscious Cosmetics is on fire this year with the tons of launches from designer collections to super addictive mascaras and now, an eye shadow primer / base that comes in a very royal-inspired purple & gold packaging along with an angel heart animation that makes you want to hold on to the box and not chuck it away haha.



Let me be honest and start off, by declaring that this review is going to be a rave one, I really haven’t found any down side of usage where this primer is concerned and the fact that I’ve used more than half of it in a very short while should attest to its fabulous-ness. Although this comes in a squeezy-tube, and those are known to be notorious for spilling too much product almost always, I’m happy to report that except for the first time where an entire blob came out, it hasn’t happened again.
This primer is smooth texture wise and is almost nude-off white (not clear) making it an ideal base for when you want colors to pop on your eyes! It helps my patchy-not-so-great-quality-eyeshadows go on smoother, appear more vibrant and last a whole lot longer. On the packaging it says to give this Angel Eyes primer a go and use it as a concealer (since it has yellow-ish undertones and is not clear like most primers) and while it helps in neutralizing my under eye circles, I still like to top it off with a proper concealer, only with Angel Eyes as a base, my concealer lasts literally alll day, until I choose to take it off! Given it’s incredibly hot and humid where I live, this is quite the feat.
The reason I love this primer with such passion is because when I’m in a hurry or can’t be bothered to faff around with eyeshadows, this is ideal for using on the eye lids on its own, cancelling out any dark-ness or veins peeking through. Looks super natural and gives the appearance of brighter eyes, trust me! The only thing I have to warn you guys about it that when it comes to Angel Eyes (and primers in general be it face primer or eye lid primers) LESS IS ALWAYS MORE! Do not over do it otherwise you will be left with a mess, trust me!
Left side eye shadow swatches without primer – right side with primer
after 5+ hours of application of the same eyeshadows
As shown in the first image above which was taken immediately after applying the eye shadows on to my arm, they appear to be visibly brighter and much more vivid as compared to when they were applied without the primer underneath.
The bottom image was taken around 5-6 hours after applying the eye shadows with and without the primer and the eye shadows that were applied without the Angel Eyes primer can barely be seen, where as the right side swatches are still there (if not as vibrant). Given these images were shots on a scorching day with a high levels of humidity, I’d say they stood the test of time pretty well!
Although the tube looks small, it will last you quite a while since you really need a tiny amount! This product gets a double thumbs up from my side, worth every cent and more.
Price – PKR 875
Availability – All chemist/departmental stores across Pakistan and online HERE!

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