Simple Script For “Super Skin”

Looking at gorgeous tinsel town icons with picture perfect skin and flawless complexions we mere mortals do feel a pang of jealously from time to time. But don’t let any green eyed monsters run amok within your imagination, most celebs work real hard and earn their stripes while keeping their looks immaculate. Just like a diamond that dazzles has an accomplished gem-cutters, facetors and polishers backing its flawless presentation, silver screen starlets have dermatologists and plastic surgeons prescribing, guiding and refining their allure too. Here’s a “super skin” script that can elevate your ordinary skin to a golden globe worthy starlet.


#1: Listen To Your Dermatologist.

  • Sun protection is absolutely essential for nice skin.
  • If you smoke, quit.
  • Eat blueberries and other rich colored fruits, which are full of antioxidants.
  • Deep red, yellow and green vegetables are also packed with skin boosting anti-oxidants.
  • Despite the warnings about mercury and other contaminants, I think fish, with its oils, is very healthy.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Don’t overdo alcohol and caffeine.
  • And, yes, get enough sleep. Most of us do not.

#2: Pamper Yourself With Age Appropriate Skincare — Antiaging 101

Simple Script For “Super Skin”  2

  • Teens: Start Skin Care Early — Your teenage years should be all about prevention. It’s important to develop good skincare habits early in life; that means thorough cleansing and no sleeping in makeup (doctors orders!) and dedicated sun protection day in day out. Skin tends to be its oiliest at this stage in life, so look for light formulas like gels and powders.
  • 20’s: Dial Up Prevention — Keep up the cleansing and sun protection routine, if you haven’t already started using an eye cream start now. It is also a good time to add a little more moisture to your skincare regimen because the skin is becoming less oily past teenage.
  • 30’s: Boost Cell Turnover — Start using a retinol and vitamin C creams to increase the formation of collagen (which we lose as we age) and even skin tone. Another effective means of boosting cell turnover is by adding a fruit acid peel (glycolic acid) to your nightly routine.
  • 40’s: Its Time To Bring In The Big Guns — Don’t stray from the foundation you’ve been building on, follow your derm’s advice and add more antioxidants in your daily skincare to fight aging on all fronts. As skin ages it tends to dry out, now is the time to turn to heavier moisturizers. Maintain the proper skin hydration levels to prevent wrinkles and preserve youthful skin. Start talking to your derm about radiofrequency, ultrasound and Laser based antiaging devices; they can turn back the hands of the age-clock in just a few sessions.

Simple Script For “Super Skin”  3

#3: Gentle Reminder — Slap on the SPF even on cloudy & non-beach days. A lot of people don’t think they are getting sun unless they are lying on the beach. Many people look at me funny when I tell them that your skin doesn’t care if you get sun lying down or walking around, UV rays are merciless.


“Wind, reel and print” — Check the gate and if the sound’s OK, that’s a wrap. Thanks everybody!!

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Shazia Ali
A certified dermatologist, Skincare guru to the who's who of the Middle East, Dr. Shazia knows the secrets of anti-aging, the insider tips and tricks on how to achieve healthy, beautiful radiant skin and everything in between. Currently the brand Ambasador for University of Westminster, and the head Dermatologist at Tababa Clinics.

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