Pond’s Announces the Launch of Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift

Based on the revolutionary discovery that in addition to wrinkles and lines, the lower half of the face can also contribute to an older appearance; the Pond’s Institute has unveiled a new discovery in skincare with the launch of the NEW Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift. Identifying the need for consumers to care for the sagging skin around their jaw and neckline – termed as the y-contour – the new range provides powerful anti-aging formulations that strengthen and tighten fibres from the inside to reveal a smoother, firmer and lifted y-contour on the outside.
The range is so powerful that after application, 80% of women saw immediate, visible results, and 90% agreed it firmed and lifted the skin around their eyes, jaw and neckline.

Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift was developed based on insights from scientists at the Pond’s Institute drawn from the Perception of Age study – an industry first research report that used the “bubbles” technique to reveal parts of an image to understand how people determine aging based on specific facial zones.


A first in the field of anti-aging, the process involved 3 years of clinical research, 300+ participants, 117 facial regions and 65,500 facial pixel points. Women of different ethnicities were asked how old the subject in the image looked after different areas of the face were blurred out. Surprising and exciting, the results revealed that the lower half of the face can also lead to an older appearance.
Furthermore, it was uncovered that women not only desire basic anti-aging benefits such as wrinkle and lines reduction, but they also expect a firming and lifting benefit from their skin care regime. The formulations for Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift were developed on the basis of these consumer insights to provide an effective solution for the y-contour.

“What we have discovered with the Perception of Age study completes the anti-aging market. Armed with the latest developments in skincare that the lower half of the face contributes to an older appearance, the Pond’s Institute created Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift,” said Judy Mao, R&D Global Design Director – Pond’s.

Women are reporting an unprecedented change in their y-contour.


Developed at the Pond’s Institute, the formulation includes breakthrough Lifting Technology – InstantLift™ – to instantly firm and lift the skin. With an advanced combination of two ingredients – Polyimide and Lipodipeptide – InstantLift™ has shown powerful firming and lifting benefits to help skin look up to 10 years younger. Also, clinical test results revealed that using the Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift range can improve the y-contour’s firmness instantly, and it significantly lifts the double chin both immediately and in the long-term.

“The range contains our most powerful anti-aging formulation till date. According to an evaluation of more than 150 women who used the range, 90% agreed that it improved their skin’s elasticity and firmness after applying the Targeted Lifting Serum Massager,” Mao explains. “Our evaluation also revealed that more than 80% would delay a professional treatment after using the Day Cream. Now women can unlock a new standard of skin that is uplifted, smooth, and firm, with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism for life,” said Mao.


The key functions of each product in the range are as follows:

• Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift Face & Neck Lifting Day Cream with SPF 30 PA+++, is a luxurious, highly concentrated lifting cream infused with potent InstantLiftTM, proven to visibly firm and lift your y-contour. The cream has a double lifting effect that corrects deep lines and wrinkles and lifts sagging skin, while also providing superior sun protection.

• Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager is a fast-acting treatment that contains the highest level of Collagen and Lipodipeptide in the range. Infused with powerful InstantLiftTM, it comes with a unique cooling, roll-on massage applicator to help precisely target and lift the y-contour.

• Pond’s Age Miracle™ Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter is a silky cream that is packed in a handy tube with a unique cooling applicator head, designed for easy product application under the eyes. The Eye Lifter contains effective InstantLiftTM to regain firmness and lift the skin of the under eye area.


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