Pearls Of Beauty For Dark Skinned Divas

Finding beauty tips for dark complexioned girls isn’t easy! There are tons of blogs out there, but there aren’t a lot of practical “transform your skin to radiant-gorge” beauty tips for dusky hued beauties. Well ladies and of course skincare loving gentlemen, it’s time to remedy the situation. Here I am with some no-nonsense “lets take charge of your own olive skin” beauty tips to help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


Skin Fact— You can have the most flawless makeup, but if your skin isn’t on point, it’s all for naught! To look good you have to make sure you start with a clean, clear canvas — Your Skin! To achieve that you need to learn how to keep your skin and complexion at its optimal. Here’s to saving skin!


Fight For Your Skin With A Legit Plan

Combat uneven complexion and signs of aging with good UVA & B filtering sun protection, skin care products, and a diet rich in antioxidants. Great skin starts with regular skincare and a healthy lifestyle and there are no two ways about it. Use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your specific skin type on daily basis to optimally take care of your skin’s basic needs. Adding an antioxidant (Vit. A, C or E) based day and night routine can impart radiance and suppleness to your skin while delaying signs of aging. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can work wonders for your complexion. Exercise 3-4 times a day to improve your circulation and flush out toxins and watch your skin glow with health.


Go For Mineral Makeup in the Warm Weather

Heavy makeup loaded with chemicals can damage skin, block pores and cause breakouts, especially in hot humid climates. Use mineral makeup in the summer! Mineral based powder foundations with natural SPF are gentle on skin. They impart a youthful glow to the skin while feeding and taking care of skin.


Skip Scalding Hot Showers

Hydrated supple skin always looks beautiful. Easiest way to prevent dry skin is by decreasing your bathing water temperature to lukewarm. Always use a moisturizing cleansing bar or gel like Dove during your shower/bath, and don’t neglect to moisturize your skin with a cream or lotion immediately after drying off.


Fight Ashiness with Shea Butter

Your body is your temple, there’s no excuse for flaking skin or ashy skin tone! Use rich, shea buter-infused creams to hydrate dry skin. I love Jergens and L’Occitane’s ultra rich shea butter body crèmes.

Pearls of beauty 2


Use Oil-Free Moisturizer on Blemish-Prone Skin

If you’re prone to blemishes, use oil-free moisturizers that will not clog the pores. Also, avoid using any greasy or oily products on the skin as well as scalp and hair, all your skincare and makeup should be labeled specific for “Combination or Oily skin”. Try Clinique or Neutogena’s oil-free moisturizers.


Zap Zits with Salicylic Acid

To treat oily skin or serious acne, try the Salicylic acid based blemish products. Oily skin need special care and products to cleanse your skin, control oil and treat blemishes.


Pimple-Picking Causes Dark Spots

Picking and scratching at acne causes dark spot formations. To treat hyper pigmentation, try an acne cleanser containing salicylic acid. I like BABE Stop AKN Cleanser and Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash.


Hydroquinone Is Your Best Short Term Friend

To reduce dark spots and brighten skin tone, use products with hydroquinone. It works by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme that produces excessive pigmentation. Try DDF Fade Gel.

Pearls of beauty 3


Protect & Brighten With Natural Elements

You can keep your complexion clear and radiant by using natural skin brightening products with vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid or bearberry extract. While doing so you should also use diligent sun protection from UVA/UVB rays.


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